4 Tiki Torch Fuels – 2 New Tiki Torch Fuel Alternatives

tiki torch fuel alternatives

This post identifies the newest tiki torch fuel alternatives on the market today. No need to put up with excessive soot & smoke anymore.

First of all, let me address kerosene. Kerosene is NOT recommended for use in oil tiki torches and here’s why.

• Noxious fumes produced are very harmful to eyes, lungs, and skin

• An extraordinary amount of soot  & smoke

• High thermal expansion properties of the fuel can cause overflow

Let’s take a look at all the fuels you can use in your tiki torch and then do a comparison.

• Eco-Friendly Torch Fuels - #1 NEW Alternative

There are two on the market today…

• Danish Clean Green Oil

• Firefly Safe & Green Fuel (No longer available, unfortunately, due to exhorbidant cost and availability)

Both are 100% vegetable-oil based, non-toxic, odorless, clean burning and better for the environment.  Firefly Safe & Green Fuel promotes a mosquito formula called Guardian. The Danish Fuel is available with Citronella Torch Oil for mosquito protection as well. Both are excellent tiki torch fuel alternatives.

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    Tiki Torch Fuel

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    Candle Oil – Paraffin Lamp Oil

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    Key West Tiki Torch

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Petroleum-Based Tiki Torch Fuel - Same Ol' Stinky Stuff

There are a plethora of tiki torch fuels on the market today.  You'll see a variety of Tiki Torch fuels in prefilled canisters and bottles containing various mosquito-deterrent oils like citronella and cedar oil. We’ve used these products and have found them to be stinky, sooty, & smokey.  It’s not unexpected.  It’s the nature of this petroleum-based fuel. Be advised, that not all tiki torch fuels burn at the same rate.  Some will burn longer than others.  Low price doesn't necessarily equate to best value. It's up to the consumer to become informed.


Odorless Tiki Torch Fuel - #2 NEW Alternative

Firefly Fuel is offering a new, enhanced tiki torch fuel. It's odorless, noticeably less soot and smoke and burns 30% more efficiently.  Here is a movie showing the burn characteristics of this enhanced tiki torch fuel.  Available with citronella and eucalyptus oil for their well known scent properties.


Paraffin Lamp Oil - Tried and True Clean

Paraffin Lamp Oil is the gold-standard for fuel as it has no odor, is smokeless and sootless.  It is a highly-refined petroleum-based product. Again, not all paraffin lamp oil is created equally. Many contain additives that compromise the fuel. However, the Firefly Safe & Green Fuel burns with much less soot as you can see below compared to even the paraffin lamp oil. 

Now, let’s compare the torch fuels.

Soot/Smoke Standing/Burning Odor Toxic? Biodegradability Sustainability Uses
Eco-Friendly Tiki Torch Fuel Virtually None/Not Noticeable Soapy/None No Excellent Yes Indoor/Outdoor
Firefly  Tiki Fuel - Super Long Lasting Some Hardly/None Yes Poor No Outdoor
Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil Slight/Not Noticeable Hardly/None Yes Poor No Indoor/Outdoor


Which is the best tiki torch fuel for you? It depends, of course. Only you can determine your priorities. Hope this helps to bring to light tiki torch fuel alternatives.

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