Choose Your Favorite Tiki Torch Fuel & Lamp Oil

All Proprietary Firefly Fuels Are Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Odorless & biodegradable

Safe & Green Lamp Oil

Our Purest, Highest Grade Fuel
For those who are sensitive or value quality above everything
For use in ALL Vessels


Paraffin Lamp Oil

Our Lowest Freeze-Point Fuel
For those who need low-freeze-point, fast-wicking fuels for cold-blast lanterns
Great for use in Cold-Blast Lanterns, Candles & Oil Torches


CLEAN Lamp Oil

Our Longest Lasting Fuel
For those who value longer burn times
For use in Cold-Blast Lanterns, Oil Lamps, & Candles


Tiki Torch Fuel

Our Lowest Cost Fuel
For those who love to light outdoor spaces with Tiki Torches or FirePots
For use in  Patio Tiki Torches


Shop Our Most Popular Waxless, Oil Candle Lamps

Tea Lights, Votives, Pillar Candles, Aromatherapy Candles & Other Unique Designs

How Firefly Refillable Oil Lamps & Candles Work

Reinsert Aluminum Wick Holder Oil Lamp

Remove The Wick & Collar

Add Lamp Oil

Fill With Firefly Fuel

Add Lamp Oil

Replace Wick & Set Wick Ever So Slightly Above the Wick Holder, Just a Nub.

Remove Wick from Oil Candle

Light & Enjoy

Shop Our Outdoor Tiki Torches

Firefly Tiki Torches are Available Copper, Stainless & Powder-Coated Black Finishes

Original price was: $70.97.Current price is: $56.99.
firefly key west stainless steel tiki torch
Tiki Torch Canister Insert

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The Firefly Fuels Guarantee

We strive to bring light and happiness to our customers lives. If you aren't absolutely delighted with the candles, fuels, or accessories you purchase directly from Firefly Fuel, you may return it to us within thirty days of the shipment date and we will refund the price you paid.

Candles You Refill & Reuse!





Fuels That Save You Money

Firefly Lamp Oil and Tiki Torch Fuels  are more economical than wax-burning candles as well. No mess, no soot, and no waste.

A 16-oz bottle of our Paraffin Lamp Oil costs just $9.49 and will provide approximately 100 hours of burn time in our candles.

Easy-to-care-for, long-lasting candles that won't ruin your furniture or linens.

Choose Pure, Eucalyptus or Citronella Essential Oil Formulas or you can add your own blend of essential oils to keep the mosquitoes away.

Designs That Start Conversations

Each of our candles are beautiful hand-blown Borosilicate Glass. That means that each candle is unique and has the strength to stand up over time.

The refillable nature and unique clear designs allow you to color your lamp oil to match any decor.

Our most frequent comment from customers is how often their candles get compliments from guests in their homes.

You are getting a beautiful piece of decor that will last forever.

Passion Fuels Our Business

mady_thumbHello, I'm Mady Seul, CEO, of Firefly Fuel, the company that is passionately committed to bringing elegant, eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable refillable oil candles and lamps to homes, restaurants and resorts.  We have products unlike any other.

Our refillable liquid candles are replacing nasty disposable fuel cells all over the world! AND, we offer a variety of uncommon fuels.  Purchase in the quantity that best suits your needs -16 oz.,  32 oz., gallons, bulk lamp oil in 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and barrels or ISO 330-gallon totes.

We invite you, both wholesale and retail customers, to experience our new concept...

Firefly Brand Glass Refillable Liquid Oil Candles, Oil Lamps, Hurricane LanternsLamp Oil, Tiki Torch Fuel & Accessories like fiberglass replacement wicks, lamp oil dye, refill bottles, etc.

So, enjoy your tour…and welcome to Firefly Brand, a responsible, forward-thinking, passionate, small business located in Sarasota, FL.


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We ship worldwide in the quantity that meets your needs (up to 330-gallon ISO totes).

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