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Glass Oil Votive Candles

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Learn More About Our Glass Oil Votive Candles

Now is the time to say goodbye to messy, sooty wax candles. Our Refillable Candles, votive size, are a natural, eco-friendly, clean-burning organic alternative to traditional wax candles and liquid paraffin disposable candles.

Our refillable candles are convenient, green, natural, economical, well made, clean, and direct replacements for disposable fuel cells. They can be used standalone, in a candle holder or lantern.

Many folks use our refillable candles as emergency candles. A 32-ounce bottle of Firefly lamp oil will last well over 100 hours! Actually, you will get about 6 hours of burn time per ounce depending on the height of the adjustable wick; therefore, a 32-ounces bottle will provide approximatey 192 plus hours of burn time. Times may vary.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you are storing the fuel outside, we recommend you purchase Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil as it will not solidify or freeze like paraffin lamp oil.

The refillable votive oil candles are made from a sturdy glass that is permanent, are simple to refill, and will save you money.

Firefly Votive oil candles are a truly GREEN solution for the disposable fuel cells.

Pick up a few of these oil lamps today and use them every day instead of just for emergencies!

  • Firefly Liquid Candle Votives are hand blown and made from borosilicate glass; an elegant yet non-fragile glass. Being handmade dimensions may vary.
  • 2-Ounce Votive: Stands about 2-1/8 inches tall to the tip of the wick and is about 2 inches in diameter
  • 3-Ounce Votive: Stands about 1-7/8 inches tall to the tip of the wick and is about 2-3/8 inches in diameter
  • 5-Ounce Votive: Stands about 3-5/8 inches tall to the tip of the wick and is about 2 inches in diameter
  • Our oil lamps are refillable which is the latest eco-friendly trend restaurants, event planners and the hospitality industry are using as a direct replacement of disposable liquid paraffin candles, aka, fuel cells. You know those nasty plastic candles that hide in candle holders and end up in our landfills!
  • Homeowners are using refillable candles as emergency candles – an essential part of their preparedness kit. Bulk purchasing is a great idea because you can use the liquid candles all over your home every day, not just for those special 3-day outages! The votives will fit nicely in most candle holders and lanterns.
  • From an economy perspective, fill the votives with Firefly Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil. You can use a burn time of about 6 hours per ounce of Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. The wick is ADJUSTABLE unlike the disposable emergency candles. This is a great feature which allows you to control the fuel usage and flame height. So, let’s do the math, a 32-ounce bottle of paraffin lamp oil will burn for approximately 192 hours – 6 hours x 32 ounces. Sweet!
  • For those of you who are sensitive to scents, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil and CLEAN Lamp Oil are unscented, odorless and smokeless.

What Others Think Of Our Glass Oil Votive Candles

17 reviews for Glass Oil Votive Candles

  1. Paige – Amazon Review

    Looks great inside my lanterns. The glass is paper thin so be careful … But otherwise, beautiful !!!! Company great to work with! 👍

  2. George B. – Amazon Review

    Outstanding product from an outstanding vendor. Works as a perfect replacement for the 3″ beeswax candles I was using in my patio lanterns. And, the customer service was outstanding. Got Emails before and after the sale, and another one a week later to check in on me. I’ve been recommending these to my friends & neighbors…you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Cristia Simpson – Amazon Review

    Great product/service! Packed well and delivered in a timely manner. The individual wicks and size are perfect for each votive. The glass votives are quality and aesthetically pleasing. Each votive is individually boxed with its own funnel. Simply great product!

  4. Las Cruces Folks – Amazon Review

    We purchased the 5 ounce refillable candle. When I started my search for an oil lamp, I had originally thought of the disposable plastic ones, but this is so much better. It is environmentally friendly, burns for hours and can be filled with any color lamp oil you want! The packaging was robust and it came in perfectly intact. We have some mosquitoes here in NM and have filled it with citronella oil. That one little lamp keeps the bugs away for a whole 500 sq foot deck. I could not ask for anything more. Am thinking of purchasing one for my parents as well to help with their mosquitoes. The flame is steady and bright, and the small fountain makes refills easy. GREAT PRODUCT

  5. lmr – Amazon Review

    Love all of my Firefly oil candles…use mine mainly in mercury glass holders but they are beautiful on their own as well. Firefly reaches out with every order to provide usage tips and to check on your satisfaction; although shipped and packed by Amazon they don’t take a backseat to service.

  6. danimal – Amazon Review

    Great little emergency candle. Bought in for use in an emergency heater, and had a little trouble getting it to last the 18 hours advertised but it seems to be working well now. What puts it over the top is the customer service. I was contacted several times by the manufacturer with concerns about their product. They are VERY concerned about the quality of their product and will do anything and everything to make sure you’re happy with it.

  7. Ticho – Amazon Review

    3″ diameter clear glass oil lamp burns for 8-10 hours. Came quickly, well packed.
    Attractive, sturdy, well made. Good response from manufacturer to questions.
    I recommend this company and this product.

  8. Dad – Amazon Review

    I reviewed the smaller bottle in a separate review and I judged them to inconvenient for normal use. These 3″ bottles are a great product. They hold enough fuel that you don’t have to refill them as often and because they are larger they are easier to handle during the refueling process. It is a bit messy to refuel them if you are not careful but much easier and neater than their smaller counterparts. I will be buying a few more. As for the smaller size I’m going back to the disposable ones.

  9. broncoman – Amazon Review

    The Firefly 5 oz. refiliable glass liquid candle is wonderful. It has a sense of quality about it in the excellent glass crafted to make the candle. It has excellent quality and the Firefly people do a great job with instructions as well. This is the second set I have purchased I was so pleased with first smaller edition.

  10. Kevin W Fuchs – Amazon Review

    I bought these to put in lanterns on our deck. They’re the perfect size. I love clean, simple design, and while they look like fragile glass, the looks are deceiving. They’re quite sturdy.

  11. Ruralman – Amazon Review

    Bought this for heating adhesive in various hobbies, but it nice also as a candle in the house. We’re using it in the house instead of candles and it burns much cleaner with no odors.
    I was somewhat surprised when I got an email from the manufacturer right after I received it with recommendations on how to use and care for it. A nice touch from a small caring company.

  12. William Hattel – Amazon Review

    Amazing light output. I gave my wife a glass lantern as a gift. We tried LED candles and up to five tea light candles with poor results. This lights it up nicely. As far as the comments about filling it, the included funnel is adorable but pretty much useless. I ended up purchasing a $1 polyethylene squeeze bottle. Fill the bottle with the wide opening, replace the top and then squeeze the lamp oil into the lamp. No spills.

  13. love to read – Amazon Review

    I wrote a review about the mineral oil from Firefly, which I used to fill this dainty glass container. I have no clue why some people had so much difficulty filling this candle. I am a 72 year old female, and expected a complicated procedure to prevent the oil from spilling. Not so! The tiny funnel is perfect, and not one drop spilled.
    After seeing terracotta table top fire pits in magazines, I found them to be very expensive to buy. So I made my own, just by going on UTube, and do it yourself sites.The finished product is beautiful, but when I used the recommended oils/ gels, they didn’t burn. This is perfect. I tucked this 3 oz glass container into the decorative pebbles in my bowl, and now I can enjoy the much desired flame, by filling it with Firefly fuel lamp oil.
    Since these bowls are so easy to make with cement and 2 bowls ( plus terracotta dye from Lowe’s), I will make more for gifts, and have to order more of these adorable candles. I can only praise this product.

  14. Will Wheaton – Amazon Review

    The Firefly 5-Ounce Refillable Glass Liquid Candle – Votive Size fits in my votive candle holder. I have been pleased with the supportive input I have received from Firefly.

  15. Val – Amazon Review

    I do love the ambient light from these candles. After having reached out to the manufacturer about how to re-feed the wicks since they burned down so quickly, I got a quick response and easy solution! I do hope the wicks don’t burn out so quickly again and burn high as they did initially and burn so much fuel. I have determined that I need to not let the wicks dry out between refills so the burning slows. Hopefully these instructions will be included in future. packagings. Otherwise, I love this alternative to real candles or the throw-away nonrefillables. Less landfill additions!

  16. Vincent (verified owner)

    Bought a 3 oz Refillable Glass Liquid Candle as well as the Refillable Tea Light Candles. Finally receive them today. The quality of the glass is very impressive. Appreciate how packaging is done to protect glassware as well as how the individual candle is packed in separate boxes. Highly recommended.

  17. Richard A Zecchini (verified owner)

    I can’t express how wonderful the Firefly folks and their products really are! I appreciate (and recommend watching) the videos for expertise advice on proper maintenance of everything from oils to wick replacement and height. I personally own 2 – 5″, 8 – 2.5″, and 3 – 1.5″ votives and they all serve a really great purpose and add a fine ambiance to my loft. I have been editing photos today for twelve hours and this morning I lit a 5″ votive and it is still just under half full of oil! Some reviews imply the glass is too thin, however, I see them as thicker than a fine wine glass. If you are looking for survivalist or camping gear these are not for you. However, if you are looking for aesthetic enhancement in your life, this is the place! Thank you!

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