Refillable Tea Light Candles (5 Pack)

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These liquid Refillable tea light candles are HOT, HOT, HOT! These oversized tealight candles will burn nearly 4 hours using Firefly Fuels.

IF YOU ARE A RESTAURANT,  you may want to consider our 2-oz, 3-oz and 5-oz votive candles which hold significantly more fuel and burn much, much longer. You can estimate about 6 hours per ounce of Firefly Lamp Oil.

We have designed a Refillable Liquid Tealight Candle. We could hardly believe that there were only disposable 8-hour tea light fuel cells available. The time is now to choose refillable tea lights over disposables and poor-performing wax tea light candles. 2.6mm Replacement wicks are available here.

The Firefly tea light measures 1-1/2″ at the bottom and 1-1/2″ to the very tip of the wick. It holds about 1/2 ounce of fuel. Note that it is taller than most tea lights but the width is the same. Burn Time is VERY Dependent on the Type of Fuel you purchase and the height of the wick. Based on our experience, burn times are about 4 hours.  If you require a longer burn, consider the 2-oz, 3-oz or 5-oz votives.

We custom-designed secure packaging so the 5 glass tea lights will arrive to you in tip-top shape. A funnel is also included. These make the perfect addition to the very popular Glassy Baby Votive Holders.

The aluminum wick holder fits snuggly into the neck of the tea light and rests nicely on the top; it does not screw in. Keep in mind, if the tea light were to tip over, the flame would extinguish itself. Please, never leave burning tea lights unattended.

You can adjust the wick to achieve exactly the flame you desire and adjust the amount of heat. How nice is that? We suggest setting the wick height to about 1/16″ above the wick holder to avoid smoke and soot.

Use our clear, unscented Liquid reusable tealights in Oil Warmers, Oil Burners, Diffusers, Lanterns, Tea Light Holders, Menorahs, Lotus Candles, UCO Mini Lanterns, UCO Micro Lanterns – Actually, Use Anywhere You Would Use a Disposable Wax Tea Light Candle.  Note: keep in mind these are taller than most wax tea lights.  You will want enough space between the flame and any surface to avoid soot.

Purchase Separately Firefly Lamp Oil Dye to Add a Touch of Color to Your Decor. Just a tiny bit will turn your tealights blue, green, purple, aqua, orange, pink or whatever color you like because we provide the 3 primary colors – red, blue and yellow!

The tealights use a Firefly 2.6mm cotton wick (included). Replacement wicks and holders are available here.

We Suggest Using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil or Firefly Safe & Green.  Which One to Choose? Well, our in-house testing showed Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil burned significantly longer than our paraffin lamp oil and it costs less. Your Choice. There are lots of reviews on Amazon (Verified-Purchase) for each product. See the Amazon Reviews Tab on this page.

How Long Do Firefly Tea Lights Burn Using Firefly Fuels compared to Wax Tealights?


Firefly Refillable Glass Tea Lights

15 reviews for Refillable Tea Light Candles (5 Pack)

  1. Lynne – Amazon Review

    I purchased these to replace votive wax candles. I love them since I can refill them over and over. I get about 4-6 hours out of single filling depending on the size of the flame, which you can adjust. When my package arrived one of the 5 candles was broken. I sent an email to Firefly and they responded within the hour saying they would replace the lamp. They didn’t send just one replacement but 3 lamps for my trouble and they arrived within a few days. Their customer support is fantastic and I know I will be buying larger candles from them in the future.

  2. RealPerson – Amazon Review

    I love these little oil fueled refillable tea lights! Much better than using the wax style. I highly recommend and I will purchase again. The company that makes them cares whether you are satisfied with their product and it shows in the workmanship of their product. Well done, Firefly!!!

  3. Boss Angeles – Amazon Review

    Don’t buy any other oil lamps except this brand! Incredible personalized service! I know I sound over the top, but I find it rare to experience customer service so helpful and friendly. The instructions and emails that followed after I purchased the lamps, were a wealth of information. Who knew it could be so exacting? The clear glass containers are beautiful as well. You won’t be disappointed! Just make sure you follow the directions on wick height and how full to fill the oil. Many great tips provided, especially how to ‘re-thread’ your wick. It actually works!!

  4. Phee EE – Amazon Review

    I love these little guys! They are so much better than wax tea lights. The flame size is easy to control by adjusting wick length. Fueling is no problem. On one filling of Firefly Safe and Green Fuel, they burned for a little more than 5 hours. Maybe it would be longer using the Clean Fuel. Still not bad.

  5. Susan M. Wellman – Amazon Review

    This is a beautiful product. The pictures do not do them justice. I think these are safer than wax tealight candles. I bought these tealight candles, which are really mini oil lamps, for use in a flower pot space heater. Some say that flowerpot heaters are not safe because if you use more than one wax tealight candle in them, the candles can heat each other up to the point where the wax suddenly ignites and a big flame shoots out. I assume that is not possible with these as there is no wax involved and the oil is enclosed. However, I am not sure it is safe to have several of these very near each other either. I am not sure if the heat would affect the glass somehow, perhaps breaking it. I just don’t know. Therefore I am going to use these individually, not in a closely spaced group. Perhaps I will put them together sometime while I am watching them and feel if the glass heats up in a way that seems alarming. I don’t know what the manufacturer recommends about using them in groups. However, in any case I am glad I bought these because they are just beautiful!

  6. Debbie Caster – Amazon Review

    I love these candles! I purchased the 5 pack and a quart of the clean burning oil. They burn very brightly and with no smoke or toxic fumes. The perfect touch for my rustic home and dark stained walls. I had a leaking problem which they solved by sending me new collars and the candles are now burning perfectly. I have since ordered a gallon of the fuel, and am using it in all of my oil lamps. I will buy from Firefly Fuel again for myself and when gift giving. Thank you for such a lovely, novel and high quality product.

  7. JAM – Amazon Review

    Bought these refillable oil lights because I was gifted a Firefly Hurricane lamp and it came without the oil lamp portion. This “candle” looks wonderful in my new hurricane lamp. 🙂 And because I had four extra “candles,” I also found these little oil lights work beautifully in other holders that would normally take wax tea light candles. I’m enjoying this product so much that I ordered a set for my daughter.

    Firefly takes customer satisfaction to new heights! You’ll be impressed with how quickly they ship and how well they package. It’s so refreshing to deal with a company which cares about their product and their customers! Bravo to Firefly!

  8. Mimi B. – Amazon Review

    These are the perfect replacement for tea lights. I always hated all of the waste from the tealights. These are so easy to use and if you read the instructions, easy to refill. The only drawback is you have to remember to snuff them out when you are done using them, unlike tea lights that just burn themselves down.

  9. Erik – Amazon Review

    I bought these for several purposes. To replace the need for buying candles, reduce space, lower cost of use, for power outages emergency lighting, and pleasure uses like ambiance and aromatherapy. I bought an essential oil burner for the coffee table since a corded unit is not practical. Was disappointed the first day because the fuel caused black soot to form under the oil burner I bought for ten bucks. Tried a short candle since I had no tea lights and no black soot. This tea light they call it is taller then a regular tea light candle. So, after I cleaned the black soot off ( very hard to clean off sinks ECT./ Very toxic smelling. The opposite of what you want an aroma therapy burner for), I filled slightly more than half with olive oil. The rest with standard smokeless lamp oil. Mixed it by shaking it. Then adjusted the wick to about 1/16″. It then omitted a low flame with no soot and worked well for an aroma therapy burner plus lasted longer. About 6 hours. After using up all the wax candles I have, I can reduce space with just the small box it comes in. Use, the gallon of fuel I already have and cut down on plug in’s. I put my plug in on a motion sensor. Why have it running when I’m mostly not there at work? The scented essential oils are pricy per one small bottle, but you are only using a few small drops at a time mixed with water, which last a long time. Good candles. Multiple uses. Saves space, money, and waste from used plug in bottles and candle glass jars.

  10. M. Smith – Amazon Review

    Takes a bit of getting used to. Hard to get the wick to the right height to make a small flame and not cause it to make soot. Also, don’t fill it up to the top of the base. Once you get them figured out, they are great. Taller than a normal tea light, they won’t fit into everything but for what we use them for, they are perfect.

  11. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    These little oil lamps are just what I was looking for. I had an oil lamp years ago and loved it, but apparently, they don’t make the clay pot type I had back in the 80’s. These are just fine. My only complaint is that the wick has to be just right. That’s the reason for only 4 stars. Too high and they smoke. To low and it goes out. I think I found the right height. I don’t remember this problem with my old oil lamp. It took me a while to find these so thank you for making them. I would buy them again.

  12. Charles – Amazon Review

    Great glass consistency between the lights, they feel very high quality. The flame height is about the same as three standard tea lights stacked on top of each other. I’m getting 4 to 6 hours of burn time using a generic clear lamp oil.

  13. Deborah Spencer – Amazon Review

    Love these reusable tea lights. I cannot have fragranced candles around our birds. Use these with the odorless paraffin oil. Great customer service too.

  14. Nocturne Kai – Amazon Review

    This cunning wee tealight is one of the best little oil lamps I’ve ever used. It is a refillable tealight perfect for the frequent tealight user. This small glass lamp is slightly taller than a wax tealight and burns longer. The lamp sits easily in a varietiy of tealight holders. To prevent flame flaring and soot, I recommend keeping the wick just above the top of the wick holder, at a tiny bit less than 1/16 inch. The lamp holds more than an ounce, but I would not overfill, keeping the level at no more than 3/4 full, which will prevent flaring and excessive flickering. For frequent filling, I also recommend the 500 ml oil lamp filler as a far more practical tool than the included little funnel. I love the firefly tealights and do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who fancies the frequent use of a tealight. I intend to purchase more.

  15. old bar dude – Amazon Review

    I wrapped 3 of them in purple paper and 1 in pink paper to make advent candles for church. They worked great and were quite pretty. They are the size of tea lights and fit in any tea light candle holder. I recommend them for any tea light candle usage.

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