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3-Pack of Firefly Colored Lamp Oil Dye

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Learn More About Our 3-Pack of Firefly Colored Lamp Oil Dye

You can easily color your lamp and candle oil using our super-concentrated liquid candle dyes. No longer do you need to purchase lots of different-colored oils – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, Pink Colored Lamp Oil . Do it yourself easily. Watch the video to see how easy it really is. You will receive 3, 10 ml- bottles of dye, about 1/3 oz. This is a very economical way to color your lamp oil without spending a fortune. We’ve successfully colored Lampe Berger Fuel, Paraffin Lamp Oil, Safe & Green Lamp Oil, CLEAN Fuel, alcohol, ethenol and kerosene.

You will need paper towels, 2-3 wooden toothpicks, oil-based color dye (which you just found!), an oil candle or oil lamp and Firefly Lamp Oil. 😉

Step 1) Create a small protected work area with paper towels.

Step 2) Fill your oil candle 3/4 full with Firefly Lamp Oil or just add the dye to the bottle of fuel.

Step 3) Select your color. Over the paper towel coat the tip of the toothpick with a small amount of dye. You can always add more. If too much, simply wipe on the paper towel

Step 4) Dip the toothpick into the oil candle and shake to incorporate the dye. Continue to add color until you get the desired depth of color. If creating a secondary color, simply use another toothpick with a new color and dip into the oil candle.

Note: The toothpick method works great for coloring small amounts of fuel. It lets you easily control the depth of color. If you are coloring a 16-oz. or 32-oz. bottle, you’ll probably want to use a full drop or more depending on the depth of color you prefer.

A Word of Caution ? Accidents do happen. The dye will stain clothing, skin, countertops, etc. So here are some tips if you spill the dye. Tackle the stain immediately. Lacquer thinner will remove the stain from hard surfaces; petroleum jelly and coconut oil from the skin; and non-acetate nail polish remover or toothpaste on a nail brush for under the nails. Clothing? An oil-based stain remover should do it. Just be careful!

One more thing… This is lamp oil dye which colors the lamp oil. It will not color the flame.

Primary Colors
Yellow, Blue and Red dyes are primary colors in that they cannot be produced by mixing any other colors.  They are pure hues.

Secondary Colors
Are produced mixing equal parts of two Primary Colors. There are 3 secondary colors.

• Orange: Red + Yellow
• Green: Yellow + Blue
• Violet – Blue + Red

Tertiary Colors

When a secondary color is mixed with its parental primary color (equal parts), resultant is called Tertiary Color. There are 6 Tertiary Colors.
• Red-Orange:  Red + Orange
• Yellow-Orange:  Yellow + Orange
• Yellow-Green: Yellow + Green
• Blue-Green: Blue + Green
• Blue-Violet: Blue + Violet
• Red-Violet: Red +Violet

What Others Think Of Our 3-Pack of Firefly Colored Lamp Oil Dye

15 reviews for 3-Pack of Firefly Colored Lamp Oil Dye

  1. Ric B – Amazon Review

    Great product. We recently did a total master bathroom renovation. We purchased a crystal oil lamp to display on the granite counter top. We were trying to match an orange accent tile by having the dying the oil in the lamp the same shade of orange. Three drops of RED and three drops of YELLOW did the trick. Perfect match. Seller shipped product promptly and proactively followed up by e-mail after the sale to ensure my satisfaction. I’m going to show my age here, but I can remember back in the day where that kind of attention to detail and follow up was standard operating procedure for companies, or they didn’t stay in business very long. Now not so much. Very refreshing to see a company with a quality product and equally good customer service. Doesn’t get any better than this. Five Stars for sure!!!!

  2. Ryu – Amazon Review

    I was finding it difficult to find colored lamp oil in my area. This made it easy to get the colors I want, whenever I want.

  3. Lillian Reynolds – Amazon Review

    I have been spending a lot on replacing candles so I ordered the tea light refillable, the volt I’ve refillable and the larger refillable candles. I absolutely LOVE these oil candles. They are super simple to fill and maintain. They are extremely clean burning. When they came in and I unpack them they look to be pretty fragile. But not a one was broken and I have not broken any as of yet. Firefly Shipped very quickly and have been so helpful. I will be ordering more!!

  4. Donna – Amazon Review

    I bought the 3 basic color pack and it is exactly what I have been looking for forever. Great service, quick delivery, and very good quality.

  5. Scintilla – Amazon Review

    Got this with my lamp. Love mixing the colors. It does not effect the flame color. It will stain your wick, but has not stained any of my glass. Amazing value as you need so little dye to color the oil (I’ll have to go through gallons and gallons of oil before I need more dye). Most importantly, be a mad scientist mixing the colors, you’ll have fun making your perfect shade.

    Best advice I can give is this. Use a very small amount because you can always add more. The more you add the deeper and richer the color, but too much and it looks dark and the color can get lost. As said earlier, it will stain your wick, be prepared to swap out wicks if you are changing colors and a little obsessive about not having a yellow oil lamp with a green wick.

  6. nowisthemoment – Amazon Review

    I love the Firefly Colored Lamp oils. I used the blue to intensify some existing lighter blue lamp oil. I added a few drops and it gave me the intensity that I wanted. Also I needed some help from Firefly regarding an order. Tammy was great. She handled the situation very compassionately and resolved my issue.

  7. buyer – Amazon Review

    This is super easy to use and the tiniest bit goes a long way. I am using it to color my lamp oil and it took one little drop to color all of the oil in the lamp. It comes with screw-on dropper lids and I can already see I have enough color here for gallons and gallons of oil. This is DEFINITELY the product you need if you want to use colored lamp
    Oil. Purchasing colored oil alone costs way more than its uncolored counterpart.

  8. spence12 – Amazon Review

    I wanted to color the oil to match the color in the room instead of having clear in a clear glass holder. These are great and just a couple of drops of yellow and red made the perfect green. I found you don’t need much and it takes a few minutes for the colors to mix; at first they just float around in swirls but then they mix. I will buy this again, but with the small amount of drops needed the small bottles will last quite awhile. I used 3-4 drops but could have used 1-3 but it depends on the color you want.

  9. Rob

    Great colours. Easy to use and self explanatory with the droppers but the ‘how-to’ video was informative for first timers.

  10. DH – Amazon Review

    I’m just a caveman guy. What do I know? Well, I know that clear lamp oil is way cheaper than colored oil. And I also know that just 2 or 3 lil drops of this stuff turned the oil in my full-sized oil lamp red as can be. Looks great. I also know that in the long run, this stuff may seem expensive at first, but the upfront cost will pay for itself over and over again in the long term. I’m going to get the Blue and Yellow colors now too. Will probably never need to buy any again for years. WORTH THE COST…just do it. It works great.

  11. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    I bought these to make a honey color in one of my oil lamps, and I am very impressed with it! A little goes a long way! Might have this for a very long time!

  12. psb – Amazon Review

    This is just what I needed. I put several glass lamps out for Christmas and in the past I bought several bottles of colored oil. Now I can make several colors with just buying clear oil and the eye droppers make it very easy to use. Will last a long time and much less costly.

  13. Princess – Amazon Review

    This is ther first time I’ve used an oil lamp. These are not cheap, but totally worth the cost for me to be able to create a color that works!

  14. Ron Fogel – Amazon Review

    We added the blue dye to the oil in our decorative indoor oil candles. What a difference! We love the new opulent look and feel this gave to our crystal vial candles. The look incredible.

  15. kathytn – Amazon Review

    I decided to follow the suggestion included – dip a toothpick in the coloring and then in the oil. WOW, glad I did that! It’s powerful stuff. You can always add more, but you can’t undo it. I’ve only used the yellow and red The yellow is really pretty and shows nicely against a dark background.

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