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Paraffin Lamp Oil

Firefly Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil and Candle Oil is an odorless and smokeless as the name implies. We sell Firefly Simply Pure all over the world to finicky folks that want the highest-performing lamp oil available, and we have been able to keep the price reasonable because of the demand. This fuel can be used indoors or outdoors. Firefly Simply Pure Lamp Oil is “made” in the USA! Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil is available in 32-oz, gallons, 5 gallons, 55-gallon drums, barrels and 330-gallon totes.

We suggest using the candle oil in oil candles, table-top tiki torches, oil lamps and lanterns. Try it pure or purchase with citronella or eucalyptus oil.

  • Based on industry standards, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is the purist paraffin oil available. It is truly Odorless & Smokeless.
  • Manufacturers of High-Quality Tiki Torches Recommend Using a Top-Shelf Paraffin lamp oil for the Best Performance. Soot is also another consideration. Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is as clean burning and sootless as you can get. That’s why it is recommended for indoor use.
  • As for Oil Lamps and Lanterns, Firefly Brand Paraffin Lamp Oil is the Perfect Choice if Odorless, Sootless and Smokeless Performance is High on Your List.
  • For Use in Tiki Torches, Oil Lamps, Lanterns & Candles. Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • Firefly Paraffin Lamp and Candle Oil will last indefinitely when properly stored. Best to store away from direct sunlight with the cap tightly secured.
  • Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil will freeze below 32 degrees F. This will not affect the lamp oil. Simply thaw and use.


Available with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil

The base fuel is virtually odorless. The fuel is available pure, without a scent, or is available with Citronella or Eucalyptus Oil. The scents are desernable out of the bottle but when burning are very subtle.


Performance Considerations for Using in a Tiki Torch

The two variables that affect results are contaminated wicks and wicks that are simply exposed too much. Your torch wastes fuel and smokes excessively when the wick is over exposed.

The wicks should not be exposed more than 1/4″ to provide a nice flame. We keep ours flush with the collar. There are some torches that have poor wick collars that don’t manage the flow of fuel up the wick properly and may require even lower wick heights. Be sure to use high-quality, fiberglass tiki torch wicks.

Contaminated wicks are another culprit contributing to poor performance. If you leave your torches outside and uncovered, your wick is soaking up that lovely rain water. Additionally, if you change fuels, you need to change the wick too or at least dry it out and then soak in Firefly Fuel. You must also empty the torch reservoirs to insure our tiki torch fuel is not mixed with whatever fuel you have been using as the performance will be compromised.


 About Our Lamp Oil Packaging

Finally, here are other considerations that may be of interest. Our plastic bottles are recylable. Firefly Fuels use commercial-style bottles and our 32-ounce and 128-ounce bottles use childproof caps. Additionally, there are NO inactive ingredients, such as colorants, which reduce purity.

And, what about potential leakage during shipping  We electronically seal our bottles to prevent leakage and our packaging has been tested and approved by FedEx to ensure the product gets to you in tip-top shape.

Consequently, we have very little damage.

Time-Lapse Video Using a Tiki Torch Canister


Time-Lapse Video Using WT Kirkman Cold-Blast Lanterns

Introduction to Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil

I’d like to give you some important tips so that you can get the maximum performance from Firefly Fuels.

All Firefly Fuels require a wick to burn and are combustible, not flammable. Our fuels should not be used in vessels that require alcohol-based fuels.

1) Remove old residual fuel from the fuel reservoir before filling with Firefly Fuel. It doesn’t need to be dishwasher clean, but you certainly don’t want to mix fuels together. Mixing fuels will change their burning properties and may cause excessive smoke.

2) Use a clean wick. The wick is the delivery vehicle for the fuel. If the wick is contaminated with old fuel or water, it will not perform properly. In a pinch, if you only have one wick, the following steps have worked well for our customers. 1) Dry the wick as much as possible using a paper towel. 2) Soak the wick in Firefly Fuel until it is completely saturated. That’s it!

3) The wick should be as low as possible. This will reduce smoke, provide a more consistent flame and conserve fuel. When I say low, I mean just barely above the wick holder. Within 5 minutes your flame will reach its maximum height.

4) When we add citronella or eucalyptus oil to the fuel, it is for the purpose of helping to deter bugs. The base fuel is odorless; however, adding the oils provides a mild scent of either citronella or eucalyptus. For those wanting a stronger scent, we have designed 2 patented aromatherapy candles, the Zen and Zen Petite. These candles allow you to add essential oils to the “Aroma Deck” which throws the scent. The benefits are…1.) You will use considerably less essential oil to achieve a strong scent. 2.) You will not contaminate the fuel, and it will burn cleanly. 3.) You can easily change the scent.

Zen Aromatherapy Candle
Zen Petite Aromatherapy Candle

5) FYI. Why is there a stream of smoke when blowing out a flame? This stream is vapor that has condensed into a visible form. It continues to form as long as the wick is hot enough to vaporize. If you touch a lit match to the stream, a flame will run down it and re-light the wick.

6) Excessive smoke can also be caused by wind which inhibits the fuel from completely burning.

7) If you are purchasing a 5-gallon container, Here is a BLOG POST showing how to install the spigot into the 5-gallon container for easy access.

18 reviews for Candle Oil – Paraffin Lamp Oil

  1. Galadrial – Amazon Review

    Firefly is a nice company, attentive, to their customers. Item arrived promptly. The lamp oil burns unbelievably clean, odorless, smokeless. Exactly as described. Recommend without reservation.

  2. Kryptonite – Amazon Review

    I have a few wolfard oil lamps with cotton wicks. By mistake I used some oil lamp fuel I got a while back at wal mart for my outdoor kerosene lamps. It’s claim of being clean burning is relative. A lot of soot builds up on the glasss chimneys. That is tolerable outdoors and on this old lamps but not indoors. Anyway my mistake was mixing up oils and using inside. Wick holders on wolfard are glass and it sooted them up and the glass bad. Entire living room was a hazy of smoke. I ordered this product asap and after thorough cleaning and draining of the cheap wal mart fuel I replaced with this fuel. It worked perfect. No soot or smoke and odor free. Outstanding quality fuel.

  3. Steelburgh – Amazon Review

    I have two decorator mosquito torches on my patio right next to the furniture. I initially used Firefly in them with no problems. But when I ran out I just purchased some tiki torch fuel from Home Depot. It wasn’t until I used it did I really come to appreciate Firefly. When Firefly says they are smokeless they mean it. The product burns so clean that you don’t notice it (until you try something else). I’m convinced to only use Firefly Oil from now on. This product is the best out there !!!!!

    I have reordered twice as it is far and away the best product for torches that are place near where you sit or use under an overhang and don’t want that “black smoke” coating your ceiling.

  4. babyboomer – Amazon Review

    If I could afford it, I would buy all of this company’s large paraffin lamps and replace mine with them and this Citronella Lamp Oil. I have found out that by using citronella essential oil in your home, flying pests like gnats, flies, mosquitoes, etc. do NOT like the smell and stay away from it. Just that one fact is reason enough to buy Citronella Oil to use all over your house. Until I found that out, I had problems every year with gnats. They will come in thorugh tiny holes or gaps around windows and doors, and even through the drains in bathrooms and kitchen areas, and are not easy to get rid of once they get into your house. I am very happy with my purchase of this product. The owners go out of their way to make their customers happy. Thank you for some great products. I was already familiar with paraffin oil in my 100-hour emergency candles, and knew that it does not smoke or smell bad at all. I am ultra sensitive to foul odors, and kerosene lamp oil bothers my sense of smell something terrible. The first thing I did when I got my order was remove the lid to take a whiff of the Citronella Paraffin Lamp Oil. It smelled nicely of citronella oil, not too strong, but just right.

  5. th3ory – Amazon Review

    This oil is nice for indoor use in ornamental displays. Smokeless and odorless confirmed!

  6. Simplyliving – Amazon Review

    Love this stuff! I couldn’t believe there was no smoke or odor. I have used clean heat and other cheap lamp oils and this product is by far superior. I will definitely be ordering this again, but next time the gallon. Before I would have to open or crack several windows so we didn’t headaches from the koresene smell. Now I can keep everything buttoned up tight . Just to be fair there is a faint wax smell after it has been burning for at least and hour, but barely noticeable. I hope my review has been helpful.

  7. Dante – Amazon Review

    Very pleased with the overall performance of this lamp oil. It burns clean and completely odorless. We burn 3 oil lamps in our family room at the same time. Being available in one gallon provides economic value and reduces the frequency in multiple purchases of smaller sizes. Since I kept empty bottles of smaller sizes in other brands, I transfer this oil from the gallon jug to these to make the handling of refilling my oil lamps easier. I also appreciate Firefly’s tips in the proper procedures to follow in using oil lamps. Firefly has now become my preferred brand of lamp oil. My order arrived on schedule and well packaged without any leakage. Thanks Firefly for your quality in product as well as followup in customer satisfaction.

  8. Missourian – Amazon Review

    I bought an “indoor-outdoor” lamp oil at a hardware store; it smoked horribly so I took it back This bottle of pure paraffin gives a steady, clear, odorless, smokeless flame in my little oil lamp. I’m delighted!

  9. Robert E. Henkin – Amazon Review

    I have a beautiful set of pewter candle sticks from Colonial Williamsburg that run off lamp oil. It has become very difficult to find something to use indoors. Most of the available products are marked “Not for Indoor Use.” I used them for Thanksgiving with this new oil and it was great. No smoke, no smell, just beautiful soft candle light.

  10. Karen L. Johnson – Amazon Review

    We are using the candle and lamp oil in a decorative slate and granite piece with 3 wicks. It was recommended that we use a smokeless fuel since this is an inside piece. We have lit the wicks twice and the oil has produce a lovely flame that is smokeless and odorless. If you need to use an oil inside the home this is a great product. I highly recommend this oil.

  11. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So was happy to order and receive
    By Amazon Customeron March 14, 2018
    Size: 32 Ounces|Color: Plain | Verified Purchase
    Seems I can never find paraffin oil in local stores, so was happy to order and receive. Was especially pleased with the pour spouts included. Makes filling my smaller pottery items so much easier!! Burns clean and odorless. Thanks!!

  12. Cindy – Amazon Review

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    No Bad Smells or Dangerous Fumes
    By Cindyon March 24, 2018
    Size: 1 Gallon|Color: Plain | Verified Purchase

    I recently had a screened porch enclosed and converted to a four season room. I decided to use some oil lanterns to provide some cozy, interesting light during cold winter evenings. It had been years since I used an oil lamp because they used to smell terrible while burning. What a wonderful surprise when I used the Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil! Not so much as a hint of bad smells or smoke. I will definitely be ordering more.

  13. Pamela M. Roberts – Amazon Review

    Firefly Candle Lamp OIl performs as advertised! Burns clean and totally odorless. I have a decorative candle jar piece prominently display and was very pleased with how crystal clear the oil is, burns with no residue smoke and no odor. Shipment arrived promptly. Plus, a nice touch to include a small tip funnel to pour oil with and like the information tips provided. Definitely recommend as a quality product.

  14. Meghan

    Our wholesale order went smoothly and quickly! We’re pleased with the level of attention paid to us as a customer and look forward to working with Firefly again to meet our fuel needs!

  15. S. D. Murphy – Amazon Review

    I have owned Wolfard oil lamps for many years and have always tried to use the best oil I could find. Compared to this lamp oil, they have all been subpar. This is a superb oil that is completely clear and devoid of even the slightest odor. It burns beautifully in my lamps and I could not be more pleased. Thank you for such a fine product. I am glad that I ordered gallon!

  16. Aedilwyn – Amazon Review

    Was looking for a clean burning, bug repellent fuel for our lanterns. I found this on Amazon after searching for a time. This is absolutely perfect and does exactly what is needed. We will be using this from now on.

  17. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    I must end the nonsense of prior negative reviews of this lamp oil. I just received my first order of this oil yesterday and for no other reason but to test it I filled my oil and lamp let it burn for 12 hours straight. There has been zero smoke, zero odor and the glass globe on my lamp has no soot build-up. The product is great and I’ll be ordering gallons of it to have as “black-out” kit as oil lamps make more sense than battery based lighting.

  18. Edward Billings – Amazon Review

    I compared this to several different fuels for a Feuerhand lantern. I used different wicks and fuels to test brightness, smell and smoke. This fuel smells like a generic candle burning and puts off the least (non) smoke with the wick adjusted properly. It isn’t quite as bright as other fuels but you can burn it in the house just fine. Wick with the red stripe works best, but all will work. The red stripe wick is thicker stock than the others I purchased and lasted longer between trimmings. If you are burning the lantern inside and looking for a Near scentless fuel, this is the fuel you want. My wife says she can smell it a little after burning it for hours when she walks into the room. You can a little, but it doesn’t smell like kerosene like other non-parafin fuels. It doesn’t bother me and doesn’t have a chemical odor. Smells like paraffin candles. It does freeze, so if using outdoors in sub freezing temps, this is not what you want.

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