5 Benefits To Choosing Products That Use Borosilicate Glass

You know how some glass type products just don’t live up to their expectations, or end up broken after only a few uses? Those products are the ones that aren’t created with borosilicate glass! You see, borosilicate glass is a type of reinforced glass that is basically what Pyrex used to be before they switched…

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DIY Project - Create a Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY – How To Create a Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Here’s a great craft using a mason jar. Why not turn it into a DIY oil lamp? This is a short, instructional video to show you the basics of creating a DIY mason jar oil lamp. Being the creative ninja you are, I’m sure you will find ingenious ways of decorating the jar on the…

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Frontgate Pineapple Hurricane Lantern

Frontgate® Pineapple Hurricane Lantern Review

I just purchased the Frontgate® Pineapple Hurricane Lantern. I selected the large size because, at that time, the medium pineapple lantern was not available. At first, I thought it was too large for my 80″ rectangular table but now I think it’s perfect. I also asked other people (who would tell me the truth), like…

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