5 Benefits To Choosing Products That Use Borosilicate Glass

You know how some glass type products just don’t live up to their expectations, or end up broken after only a few uses? Those products are the ones that aren’t created with borosilicate glass! You see, borosilicate glass is a type of reinforced glass that is basically what Pyrex used to be before they switched…

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Lovingly Caring for Your Firefly Oil Candle s and Lamps

Oil Candles & Lamps by Firefly – Maintenance Tips

In this video I will show you how to lovingly care for your Firefly oil candles, lamps and wicks. Oil candles are not only economical but are versatile, easy to use and maintain. Let’s take a look. All Firefly Oil Candles are shipped with a small, plastic funnel. You can purchase other filling accessories online…

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Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp - Color with Blue Dye

Winner of the Transcend Oil Candle Giveaway

Greetings to everyone that entered our Transcend Oil Candle Giveaway. I want to thank you for your time and interest. This is our first giveaway and, so far, it’s been a very good experience. Surprisingly, over 76% of you took the time to write a comment. I really wasn’t expecting that. In general, you thought…

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How to Color Lamp Oil?

How To Color Lamp Oil

Firefly Glass Oil Candles make a design statement as well as set the mood for any dining event. I’ll show you how to easily color lamp oil using simple techniques. While I am a minimalist and think much less is more, surprisingly, I actually prefer colored lamp oil to clear. The other interesting point is…

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Threading a wick into a wick holder

How to Thread a Wick into a Wick Holder

We have lots of oil candles around here and use them all the time as do our restaurant customers. Occasionally, these little cotton wicks need to be replaced or you pull them out by mistake. This post is to show you an easy way to thread the cotton wick used in the oil candle through…

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Restaurant Savings Calculator

Restaurant Costs – Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

We would all like to go green with our businesses but sometimes the additional cost cannot be supported. We have really, really good news for you. With our approach, you can GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY. As they say, it’s a win win for everyone! Replace your disposable fuel cells with refillable oil lamps and…

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Refillable Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

Can you tell the difference between these two table lights? Well, there’s a BIG difference. One Candleholder contains a DISPOSABLE, throw-away fuel cell and the other an eco-friendly refillable fuel cell, aka, oil candle. Disposable fuel cells are purchased in large quantities by restaurants, usually by the case, because they throw them away. Guess what?…

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