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Product Description

Firepot, Tiki Torch Canister, or Table Top Tiki Torch
Measures 4-1/2″ Height x 3″ Width x 2-1/4″ Base

  • Fill 2/3 of the way up which would be approximately 5 ounces.
  • Think outside the box. Not only does this work as a fire pot insert, but it looks great in a candle holder or as a tiki torch insert.

The Expensive Price of Fire: Firefly Fireport Insert vs. Gel Fuel

The least expensive gel fuel I could find (Oct 2017) costs about $3.54 for a 13-ounce can but you need to purchase 24 cans. The burn time is approximately 3 hours per can. It costs $1.18 per hour to use your firepot using DISPOSABLE Ethanol Cans. Hardly good for the environment or your pocketbook.

The Firefly Firepot Insert price is $14.99. Firefly Paraffin has a burn rate, with a 1/2″ fiberglass wick, of approximately 3 hours per ounce of fuel; Buy a 32-oz. bottle of Paraffin Lamp Oil for $13.49 to fill the firepot insert and you get about 96 hours of burn time. Your cost is only .14 CENTS per HOUR! Truly affordable.

Consider the benefits of using Paraffin Lamp Oil…

  • Cleanest burning fuel available; no nasty fumes
  • No Soot, never have to clean candleholders or lantern chimneys
  • Odor-free burn
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Great, bright flame




Tips to get the maximum performance from your Fire Pot

1) Fire pots are generally used on table tops or close by. We suggest using Firefly Odorless and Smokeless Paraffin Lamp Oil. It’s the best performing fuel for the job.

2) Fill 3/4 of the way up which would be approximately 5 ounces.

3) Think outside the “fire pot”. Use as a replacement for any candle in a lantern. Beauty without the wax mess!

4) We suggest keeping the fire pot out of the elements. It is made of stainless steel which means it “stains less”. Take proper care and you’ll be using the fire pot for years to come.

11 reviews for Tiki Torch Canister

  1. Moon – Amazon Review

    Great for making your own table top torches. After searching stores and looking online and coming up empty, I found this and decided to make my own. I absolutely thrilled with it. It’s easy to fill and burns long enough for a couple of nights of being on the back patio (I would say filled 3/4 of the way lasts about 4-5 hours, maybe longer).

    I prefer to use Firefly Eucalyptus Tiki Torch Fuel Firefly Eucalyptus Tiki Torch Fuel – 32 oz. – Odorless – More Economical over the Citronella simply over personal preference in smell but both work well. Eucalyptus for me, has no odor and works just as well.

    Highly recommend and will purchase more in the future.

  2. Maria – Amazon Review

    Perfect little torch pot for my antique iron tiki torch. It could have used a metal snuffer but otherwise works great!

  3. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    The inserts fit perfectly into my ceramic fire pots. The lid and wick allow the fuel to be contained also, just like with any other lantern, the wick can be adjusted before you light it depending on how tall you want the flame. These inserts do come with a tiki torch wick, so they burn more like a torch and less like the wider flame of a fire pot. These inserts can be put in a ceramic, glass or pottery bowl and surround by rock or decorative glass so that you can design your own fire pot. Very good product. Wish Firefly made lids only, so I could buy a couple to fit on the old inserts I removed! Hint Hint!

  4. Heidi Nelson – Amazon Review

    These are great quality. I couldn’t find the small size canisters in the stores. I didnt want to throw my nice little fire pot away and found these on amazon 👍

  5. B Taylor – Amazon Review

    I have purchased this item I really like it. I got one to test it and now I have come back to order two more. I am using them in a tiki brand product, a ceramic pot that came with metal cans and wick. The cans deteriorate very quickly in my opinion. I wondered if this maker has ever considered making these taller as a replacement for the larger tiki brand cans. I have about 8 in ground tiki torches and these smaller cans fit (diameter wise) but they are short and look a bit odd. I would love some taller stainless steel cans. I would have given 5 stars if there was a cap that attached to the lid to cover the wick. I would purchase it serperatly if there was an option.

  6. Chelsea Dingledine – Amazon Review

    This is a small business so I love when I can comment with good news in hopes I can help out..the quality is just what I imagined it would be I put it into a medium pot with some fire glass on the table and it works very well!

  7. John Cip – Amazon Review

    We bought a cheapy for $10 at a home store (i.e. looks nice but POS) tiny capacity poor / cheap cotton wick. So, I was going to rebuild it with fiberglass wick, then I found this! It’s the same diameter (check details for measurements).
    The canister is easy to reload with lamp oil, wick burns nicely without loosing length like cotton. super nice for a small tabletop oil lamp — put it in a nice small 4″ pot, it’ll work well!

  8. MJWD – Amazon Review

    I like the size and durability of the Table Top Tiki torch. It appears well made, is just what I was looking for to use in the pottery base I built.

  9. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review

    I am happy with this so far – I had a fire pot and can no longer find the fuel for it so I purchased this and put regular lamp oil in. It is burning well, so far, looks very pretty and as of this first use, cannot find anything to complain about. It is a perfect fit and I would buy it again and if anything changes, I will come back and update my review.

  10. vdawg – Amazon Review

    These work well in my existing torch holders. Could be a bit taller.

  11. David Evans

    Wonderful cannister due to its being stainless. Would be better with a snuffer included

    • Susan Tyson

      Agreed. We have added a snuffer for the future. Thank you.

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