Eco-Friendly Ways To Light Up Your Dream Wedding

Eco-Friendly Ways To Light Up Your Dream Wedding

Celebrating the sacred bond between you and your partner is a timeless tradition. Though people have been doing it for centuries, the way people tie the knot has evolved. Regardless of how much tradition you choose to infuse into your wedding, you must light it up. If you’re throwing a sustainable celebration, choose eco-friendly ways to light up your dream wedding.

Wedding décor trends change with the seasons, but sustainable practices don’t. Viable lighting goes much further than candles! It’s possible to keep the party going all night long with eco-friendly lights. Find out how to do it here with our selection of eco-friendly décor ideas!

Decorate With Reusable Items

Experts at sustainable design concepts know one of the best ways to reduce waste is to style your event space with reusable items. Carefully consider each piece you choose for your décor. When it comes to lighting, either use items you already own or buy something you know you’ll use again. For instance, tiki torches are fabulous outdoor lighting you can use for multiple outdoor events. When you use citronella oil, they help keep bugs away and provide a great deal of light once the sun sets.

Pro Tip: Shop secondhand for items to use in your décor. Reusing items is another great way to bring sustainability into your décor.

Upcycle Your Décor

As soon as you know you’re getting married, start saving reusable items you’d generally recycle. Tin cans, wine and beer bottles, and glass jars make perfect DIY candles. Further, you can upcycle old drums, globes, and other items into light fixtures to hang at your wedding and in your home.

Pro Tip: Use upcycled candles as both décor and as gifts for your guests. Leave an impression when you give out homemade wedding favors.

Light Candles

Candles are timeless details that make any wedding décor look great. Whether you want to brighten a space or add ambiance, choose candles that will last several hours so you don’t have to light new ones. One of the best things about candles is that they don’t leave much waste behind, especially if you choose eco-friendly options.

Types of Eco-Friendly Candles

Stay away from jar candles and tealights that come with packaging you must throw away once they burn out. Stick to taper, pillar, and votive candles to reduce waste.

When it comes to the type of wax you should choose for your candles, each has its downfall. All waxes come from natural sources and therefore waste valuable resources. Still, the best is the one that burns longest and cleanest (i.e., coconut wax). Common types of eco-friendly candle wax include:

  • Coconut wax
  • Soy wax
  • Beeswax
  • Rapeseed wax
  • Palm oil wax

Another option is to use waxless candles, which use paraffin lamp oil. Oil lamp candles are cleaner than normal candles and just as easy to use. Firefly Fuel candles are refillable and last a lifetime. They come in tealights, votives, and pillars, and you can choose from unique shapes. Further, you can pick out different colored paraffin oil to enhance your design.

Install Solar-Powered Lights

Imagine the sun going down and your reception slowly beginning to glow as it sets. That’s the power of solar-powered lights that turn on when there’s no light present. Find solar lights in a plethora of colors and shapes to decorate your wedding reception. Illuminate walkways, the dance floor, and tabletops with these beautiful lights.

Use LEDs and CFL Bulbs

Rather than halogen or traditional fluorescent lights, opt for LEDs and CFL bulbs that are more energy efficient. You can find these bulbs in various sizes. Further, they come in string lights that you can hang in trees or around pillars. While it’s best to avoid using bulbs for a green wedding if you can, in many cases, you’ll probably need to turn on lights for people to see.

Book an Eco-Friendly Event Space

Guarantee your wedding is sustainable when you plan to have it at an eco-friendly venue. Venues that already practice sustainability know how to offer eco-friendly lighting. They may use solar-powered lights and more to illuminate the space. Take the guesswork out of planning a green wedding when you book the right event space.

How To Choose the Right Venue

Some venues might advertise an eco-friendly space to attract customers, but some spaces do better than others. Don’t hesitate to investigate the places on your list. Have a list of questions in mind so you can make sure your venue meets your standards. Consider asking:

  • How many recycling bins will be available?
  • Do you offer compost bins?
  • Can you recommend sustainable local vendors?
  • Do you use solar panels?
  • Which season is most sustainable for an event?
  • Do you donate to green charities?

Get Married Outside

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and trendy. Use natural light to illuminate your wedding when you have it outside. Especially if you have your wedding in the summer, the sun will last long enough for you to extend your wedding late into the evening.

There are multiple ways to find a great outdoor space for your wedding. Many towns will let you rent space in their parks. Farms, country clubs, and other large outdoor spaces may let you rent their landscaped yards. Further, consider setting up in your own backyard—or the yard of a close friend or family member—to save money.

Have Your Wedding During the Day

Regardless of the time of year you plan your wedding, have it during the day. Even if you have it indoors, you can save energy costs by using natural light. One of the best things about illuminating your wedding with natural light is that your photos will look excellent. Everyone looks better in natural lighting.

Lighting is essential for any event. Keep guests entertained and engaged with your wedding when you use the right lighting. The best eco-friendly ways to light up your dream wedding are to decorate with reusable light fixtures, get married in the sun, and book a sustainable event space. Don’t stress about your carbon footprint or leaving waste behind when you use items designed with the environment in mind.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Light Up Your Dream Wedding