Tiki Torch Fuels Tested by Independent Lab


This test was commissioned to compare Citronella Torch fuel and Medallion® Lamp Fuel both marketed by Lamplight® Farms against Firefly Tiki Torch fuel.

The lab was provided with the simple guidance of providing soot and what fumes were released during normal use.


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Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel is a synthetic product crystal grown from carbon atoms resulting in a fully sustainable, non-petroleum product. Biphenyl, Flourene and Acenaphthylene are synthesizing compounds used during the production of synthetic Firefly Tiki fuel and are not hazardous. Should a person experience concentrated long-term exposure to fumes from any of these materials they are released from the body thru normal waste activity in 24 hours or less with no affects.

The more important issue is the amount of soot each product releases during use. Medallion Lamp fuel produces 100% more soot than Firefly Tiki Torch fuel.

Tiki® Brand Tiki fuel produces a whopping 350% more soot than Firefly Tiki fuel.

Firefly Tiki Fuel has no odor.

The less soot released the cleaner your torch will be and your friends and family will appreciate the lack of smell and soot when using Firefly Tiki fuel in your tiki torches.