The Dos & Don’ts of Spa Décor for a Relaxing Atmosphere

The Dos & Don'ts of Spa Décor for a Relaxing Atmosphere

Creating a memorable spa experience is key to attracting and maintaining customers. Know the dos and don’ts of spa décor for a relaxing atmosphere so your community will come to you for services. Find out how to create a spa that people adore.

Do Mind Your Color Scheme

Choose calming colors for your spa that aren’t too bright or too dark. Create a welcoming space that instantly relaxes your guests. You can use cool tones such as blue and green. Consider your client base and who you want to attract. For instance, you might use shades of pink if your client base is feminine but may want to stick to blues and grays if you serve men.

Don’t Use Bright Lights

Ensure you dim the lights in your spa, as bright light is too clinical. Don’t assault your customers with blinding bright light when they walk into your place for a calming experience.

Do Light Candles

One of the best ways to provide dim, luxurious light is with candles. Light four-hour tea lights so you don’t have to relight candles in the middle of a session. Choose a scentless candle so customers don’t end up smelling something they don’t like.

Don’t Use Offensive Artwork

Be mindful of the artwork you place on the walls. You don’t want to leave your walls bare, but you also don’t want to hang something off that a customer will dislike. Use generic images that evoke good feelings rather than images of bodies, activities, or scenes.

Do Decorate With Nature

Whether you use fake or real plants, bring greenery into your spa. While fresh flowers and other plants can give off a scent and be difficult to take care of, faux plants look just as good.

Do Use Nice Linens

The most important part of a spa session is how a customer feels. Purchase luxury linens that make your customer feel pampered. Maintain your linens by washing them often and on gentle cycles so the threads don’t separate. You should also know when to replace them.

Pay attention to the dos and don’ts of spa décor for a relaxing atmosphere so your business will thrive. Even if you’re creating a home spa, these tips still apply. Choose the right colors and use candles to create calming light that everyone can enjoy. Find long-lasting refillable tealights at Firefly Fuel.