What kind of tiki torch is best for you?

All you need to do is Google “tiki torches”, and you’ll find more different torches than you could ever imagine, at every price. But which to choose? If you’re planning a one-night luau or garden party and are looking for some ambiance, the budget torch is best for you. Available at any hardware or superstore,…

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Improve your mood with tiki torches!

We all know that tiki torches can add ambiance to any outdoor occasion, but did you know the Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus used in the torch fuel can also lift your spirits? We put these potent essential oils in our torch fuel because of their well known, time-tested properties. The scent of these fresh, citrusy…

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Silver Maui Tiki Torch Tips

Tiki Torch Tips, Oil Lamp Tips and Gel Fuel Burner Tips

It’s important to use safe practices when burning oil candles, tiki torches and especially, gel fuel burners. Follow these tiki torch tips, and you’ll get hours of safe enjoyment from your lamps, candles, torches, gel burners and ventless fireplace: DO change your fiberglass wick when switching between paraffin oil and torch fuel, for best performance.…

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