fiberglass vs. cotton wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks for Oil Lamps, Candles & Tiki Torches Unlike the replacement cotton wicks sold by many companies, fiberglass wicks will last indefinitely with normal use, saving you money and time. Fiberglass wicks for lamps and candles offer better fuel flow to the flame than a conventional braided cotton product when using…

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Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders

Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders & Firefly Oil Candles®

I love Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders. Here is my latest purchase. Like many, I covet all sorts of candles – Scented, unscented, Soy & Beeswax Candles & Firefly Oil Candles. If you’re not familiar with Firefly oil candles, there are 3 reasons why I love them so much.

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Refillable Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

Can you tell the difference between these two table lights? Well, there’s a BIG difference. One Candleholder contains a DISPOSABLE, throw-away fuel cell and the other an eco-friendly refillable fuel cell, aka, oil candle. Disposable fuel cells are purchased in large quantities by restaurants, usually by the case, because they throw them away. Guess what?…

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