When do you need a lamp or tiki torch replacement wick?

Here at Firefly, we believe fiberglass wicks are always the way to go, whether you have a tiki torch or oil lamp. Cotton wicks work well in oil candles though. They don’t burn up like cotton wicks, so they last far longer (indefinitely, if you treat them properly), and give you a more consistent flame.…

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fiberglass vs. cotton wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks for Oil Lamps, Candles & Tiki Torches Unlike the replacement cotton wicks sold by many companies, fiberglass wicks will last indefinitely with normal use, saving you money and time. Fiberglass wicks offer better fuel flow to the flame than a conventional braided cotton product when using tiki torches. Fiberglass wicks…

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