Fire Fly Fuels, Inc. Introduces Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil for Indoor/Outdoor Use

SUMMARY: Firefly Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil is 100% sustainable, non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. This new, eco-friendly fuel boasts extended burn times and consumer-safe packaging. Firefly Fuel, Inc., a worldwide distributor of tiki torch fuel and lamp oil introduced today Firefly Safe and Green Fuel. “We’re extremely excited to bring a…

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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Cost-Effective Lamp Oil

Firefly Sustainability Scholarship 2014 – 2015

  Firefly Fuel is very excited to announce our first scholarship for creative individuals who embrace sustainability. We are awarding $1,000 to the most creative, moving entry. Our company is passionately committed to bringing eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable refillable oil candles and fuel to homes, restaurants, and resorts.

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Refillable Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

Can you tell the difference between these two table lights? Well, there’s a BIG difference. One Candleholder contains a DISPOSABLE, throw-away fuel cell and the other an eco-friendly refillable fuel cell, aka, oil candle. Disposable fuel cells are purchased in large quantities by restaurants, usually by the case, because they throw them away. Guess what?…

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