Aromatherapy Candle – Zen Petite by Firefly – It’s Refillable!

Patented Aromatherapy Candle by Firefly

The refillable aromatherapy oil candle is a single piece. The diameter is 2-1/8″ wide at the top, 1-7/8″ wide on the bottom and 2-3/4″ tall. It’s about the size of a typical glass votive.

Notice too how the refillable oil candle maintains its beauty while the wax candle starts to degrade. After only 1 hour, it’s burning unevenly, the flame is poor, the wax is coating the glass, and there is soot starting to form… On its way to looking nasty and destined for the recycle bin.

Let’s take a look at the very cool features of our Zen Petite aromatherapy oil candle.

• Oil candles are super easy to refill and very economical. You can purchase clean-burning fuel for as little as $11.99 for 32 ounces which will last over 200 hours.

• We know that lots of petite candle lovers adore fragrance. So, we created a built-in AROMA DECK. Simply, place several drops of your favorite essential oil on the aroma deck. The aluminum collar warms the oil and “throws” the scent. Your beautiful oil candle is now an aromatherapy diffuser.

• It’s easy to change scents, dampen a paper towel with a little soap & water and wipe out any residual scent.

• You can use the aromatherapy candle outside because the wind guard protects the flame.

Get Creative and Color Your Lamp Oil

• Get creative and purchase our Red, yellow, blue candle dye to create your own custom colors. Here is the video showing how to color lamp oils. It’s easy and doesn’t create a mess.

I use the Zen Petite aromatherapy candles alone but also use them in decorative candle holders. The reason being, I’m tired of scraping melted wax and cleaning up soot. Firefly oil candles never change their look or size, are very clean and economical.

I like that I can choose the fuel I’m burning as well. Firefly offers a variety of clean-burning lamp oil.  One is even eco-friendly.

These candles are very affordable. Buy a few for yourself, your best friend, and your mom!

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