Inviting and Eco-Friendly Ethanol Fireplaces

There’s nothing like a crackling fire on a cool evening. A fireplace is a wonderful thing, but what if you’re like me, and find your home lacking one? Ethanol fireplaces are a neat and Earth-friendly option. These portable ethanol fireplaces don’t need a flue (outlet for smoke and ash), so they’re a really easy way to add the ambiance of a fireplace to an otherwise fireplace-less home!

Who needs a TV when you can hang THIS on your wall?

So, what are the advantages of an ethanol fireplace?

    • No hazardous emissions, so these eco-friendly ethanol fireplaces are safe to use indoors (very important, so as not to asphyxiate your family and friends). Choose your fuel carefully – not all liquid ethanol burns the same. Superior Liquid Ethanol Fuel is made from corn, and produces only water vapor when it burns, with no stinky by-products.
    • There’s no smoke, ash or cleaning required (lazy housekeepers rejoice!)
    • They’re portable, so you can use them in whatever room strikes your fancy at that moment (or bring it out to your patio). Some portable ethanol fireplaces are even constructed like a flat-screen TV, and can be hung on your wall – cool!
    • In addition to oozing ambiance, they also emit heat. Depending on the size of the fuel reservoir in the fireplace, it can warm an entire room.

A great fix for a fireplace-free home.

    I’d be remiss not to point out that we’re burning alcohol here, which is extremely flammable. Here are your requisite Ethanol Fireplace Safety Tips:

  • NEVER add fuel to a fireplace that is already burning or hot.
  • Carefully pour the fuel directly into the fuel tray using a funnel (it sounds like commons sense, but don’t use a funnel you also use for food or drinks)
  • ONLY use Liquid Ethanol Fuel specifically designed for ventless fireplaces – don’t improvise with rubbing alcohol, grain alcohol or any other flammable liquids.
  • DON’T overfill the fuel tray – it should only be three-quarters full before lighting.
  • Use a long match or BBQ lighter to light the fuel

• Store the fuel far away from your kitchen or any food – it looks a LOT like water in the bottle.

Ethanol fireplace styles run the gamut from traditional to über-modern, and come in a wide range of prices, so there’s no reason to spend yet another winter without a cozy fire in your home!