How To Color Lamp Oil

Firefly Glass Oil Candles make a design statement as well as set the mood for any dining event. I’ll show you how to easily color lamp oil using simple techniques.

While I am a minimalist and think much less is more, surprisingly, I actually prefer colored lamp oil to clear. The other interesting point is when I told my mother we were considering adding DIY coloring for our oil candles she was less than enthusiastic UNTIL she saw what I had created with just the dip and stir of color on a toothpick!

Now, all the oil candles in our home are colored. I can make any color I like with Firefly Lamp Oil Dye Color Pack (red, blue, yellow).

Colored paraffin lamp oil is available prepackaged from a number of companies. To be frank, it’s quite expensive and you’re limited to colors which may be too dark, too light, too green, too yellow, etc. for your taste. We thought it made sense to let our customers color the oil themselves – huge savings, create the exact color YOU want, and reduced waste.

How to Color Oil for Lamps

You will need paper towels, 2-3 wooden toothpicks, oil-based color dye, an oil candle and lamp oil.

Step 1) Create a small protected work area with paper towels.

Step 2) Fill your oil candle ¾ with Firefly Lamp Oil. This is our Bliss Petite Oil Candle.

Step 3) Now select your color. We sell a 3-pack of dye (blue, red, yellow) so you can make virtually any color you like.

Today, I’m simply using True Blue and True Red.

Over the paper towel put a very, very small drop of dye on the toothpick. If too much simply wipe on the paper towel. The dye is super concentrated so be careful.

Step 4) Dip the toothpick into the oil candle and swirl until you get the desired depth of color. If creating a secondary color, simply use another toothpick with a new color and dip into the oil candle.

A Word of Caution – Accidents do happen. The dye will stain clothing, skin, countertops, etc. So here are some tips if you spill the dye. Tackle the stain immediately.

Lacquer thinner will remove the stain from hard surfaces; petroleum jelly and coconut oil from the skin; and non-acetate nail polish remover or toothpaste on a nail brush for under the nails. Clothing? An oil-based stain remover should do it. Just be careful! Firefly Lamp Oil Dye Color Pack