Lamp Oil Burn Times in Refillable Tea Light Candles

This video was developed to answer the burning question “How long do refillable tea light candles burn using Firefly Fuels?”

Be sure to watch the time-lapse video below. The tea lights are handmade and hold approximately ½ ounce of fuel. The wicks were positioned slightly above the holder to conserve fuel and obtain the longest tea light candle burn time possible.

From left to Right…. Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil, Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil and two wax tea lights.

Overall Tea Light Candles’ Performance?

• The wax tea lights burned for about 3 hours.
• Firefly Safe & Green 4-1/2 hours
• Firefly Paraffin 6 hours
• Firefly CLEAN was the winner and lasted for 7-1/2 hours!

Firefly Tea Light Candles can also be purchased directly from us HERE.