Indoor Oil Lamp Safety Tips

kirkman oil lamp safety tipsThe holidays are a great time to enjoy the warmth and traditional glow of an oil lamp or candle. Oil Lamp Safety should play a key factor in your festivities. Here are some simple tips to follow (any time of year) that will keep your home and family safe and accident-free:

Oil Lamp and Candle Safety Tips:

  • Use NON-TOXIC, Eco-Friendly Lamp Oil. This is our #1 recommendation for the safety of your family and Pets.
  • Only use lamp and candle oil specially made for INDOOR use. If there’s any question as to whether a fuel is safe to use indoors, err on the side of caution and don’t use it!
  • Always keep lit oil lamps in a well-ventilated area.
  • Adjust the wick so only about 1/4″ is showing. This will give you a nice, controlled, low-smoke flame and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Store your lamp oil in its original container FAR away from any food items. Pure liquid paraffin looks a lot like drinkable fluids (water or vodka, anyone?).
  • Place your oil lamp in a low-traffic area where it won’t be within the reach of children or pets. Don’t forget how appealing an open flame can be to kids!
  • Make sure all drapes, decorations or any other flammable items are clear of your lamp.
  • Clean up any spilled lamp oil immediately with an absorbent cloth and some grease-cutting detergent.
  • Always use a funnel to fill candles and oil lamps for indoor use, and NEVER attempt to refill a lamp while it’s lit.
  • Before going to sleep, extinguish all candles and lamps.

Follow these tips and always respect the flame, and your holiday gatherings will be filled with fun and festivities, but NOT firefighters!