Restaurant Costs – Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

disposable fuel cellsWe would all like to go green with our businesses but sometimes the additional cost cannot be supported. We have really, really good news for you. With our approach, you can GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY. As they say, it’s a win win for everyone! Replace your disposable fuel cells with refillable oil lamps and candles.

I’ve written a little program which calculates the cost of using refillable oil candles vs. disposable fuel cells. CLICK HERE to Run the Program!

I found pricing online for the fuel cells; however, you can change those prices to be reflective of your costs.

Keep in mind too that with disposable fuel cells there is a large waste factor. Restaurants we spoke with dispose of the candles well before they run out of fuel as to not disrupt the evening. These disposable fuel cells are then going to your local landfill. Sad but true.

You simply reply to the following questions and the program will tell how much you can save by using refillable oil candles.

No. of Tables:
Hours Burning Per Day:
Days Open Per Week:
Disposable Cost:

Refillable Cost: