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Restaurant Sustainability - How Much Can You Save?

We would all like to go green with our businesses but sometimes the additional cost cannot be supported. If restaurant sustainability is important to you and your customers, we have really, really good news for you. With our approach, you can GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY. As they say, it's a win win for everyone!

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$ each

15-hour Disposable $ each

$ each

$ each

$ each

The pricing we used for disposable fuel cells was obtained online. We found the least expensive source and used case-lot pricing.

You can change the prices if you like.

Keep in mind too that with disposable fuel cells there is a waste factor. Restaurants we spoke with dispose of the candles well before they run out of fuel.

To determine refillable costs, we used a 5-gallon container of Firefly Paraffin lamp oil which retails for 15 cents per ounce. We used a burn rate of 8 hours per ounce which is actually lower than inhouse testing but we wanted to be conservative.





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