6 DIY Tiki Torch Ideas You Are Sure To Love

6 DIY Tiki Torch Ideas You Are Sure To Love

Tiki torches are the perfect outdoor lighting because they keep bugs away and provide a lot of glow. Believe it or not, you can transform just about anything into a tiki torch. With a keen eye, you can find all sorts of household items that make good tiki torches. Discover six DIY tiki torch ideas you are sure to love.

Recycled Wine Bottle

One of the most beautiful and popular DIY tiki torch ideas is to upcycle a wine bottle. Simply fill half the bottle with torch fuel and insert a wick with copper coupling. Use tape or putty to secure the wick to the bottle.

Mason Jars

Mason jar tiki torches require a little more work. Start by drilling or puncturing a hole in the middle of the jar’s lid. String the wick through the hole so the metal end is sticking out.

Vintage Glass Bottles

Give new life to old glass bottles when you transform them into homemade tiki torches. Whether you have some lying around or spot them at an antique sale, you can use vintage bottles to create torches of unique shapes, colors, and sizes.

Wire Cage

Using an old metal fruit basket or other metal wiring, create your own design with tiki torch inserts. Place whatever cage you have over the insert for your own DIY design.

Beer Bottle

You can turn a beer bottle into a tiki torch the same way you can with a wine bottle. Fill the bottle half full of fuel and attach a wick to the opening.

Copper Pipe

Copper pipe is easy to transform into a tiki torch. Use pipe for the torch and stand. Copper pipe designs make excellent landscaping.

Try one of these six DIY tiki torch ideas you are sure to love before your next outdoor party. It won’t take long to put together these simple backyard torch ideas with items you were going to throw away anyway. Find long-lasting fuel and unique accessories from Firefly Fuel.