5 Must-Know Tiki Torches Safety & Storage Tips

5 Must-Know Tiki Torches Safety & Storage Tips

Do you keep a bucket of water around each time you throw a BBQ? If you anticipate disaster, you need these must-know tiki torch safety and fuel storage tips. Find ways to plan ahead so you don’t run into disaster each time you light a fire.

Spread Out Your Tiki Torches

When setting up tiki torches in your yard, play it safe by leaving several feet between each one. At least six to eight feet is enough space to light up your yard and prevent tiki torches from interfering with one another.

Secure Torches in Smart Spots

Don’t place tiki torches beneath trees or near your house. Further, you don’t want to use them to light walkways since they might catch your clothes or hair on fire.

When securing torches into the ground, make sure the pole is at least half a foot deep in the earth. This will prevent wind from knocking it over.

Keep Away From Kids and Pets

Children may be fascinated by tiki torches and fire, but it’s safer for them to admire from a distance. A torch could fall on your kid if they’re playing near it. Pets can also get hurt if they tamper with a lit tiki torch. Don’t allow your dog to grab one and start running around the yard.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher

If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burnt. Have a plan for what you’ll do if something goes wrong during your BBQ or backyard party. You should keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Never use water to put out an oil fire, as it may just spread the flames.

Pro Tip: If the fire becomes too difficult to manage, call 911 right away. Make sure your guests exit your property safely and alert any neighbors that may need to know.

Store Tiki Torch Fuel Away From Torches

Once you fill your torch fuel canister, store excess oil in a dry, ventilated area. Keep it away from your tiki torch so it doesn’t combust.

Use these five must-know tiki torch safety and tiki torch fuel storage tips so you stay protected. Torch fuel is highly flammable, so you should have a plan for what to do if your fire gets out of hand. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and know when to call for help.