Lamp Oil and Tiki Torch Fuel Alternatives

Alternative to Tiki Torch Fuel

Tiki Torch fuels are designed specifically for use outdoors in wicked burners and torches. There are some alternatives that are less expensive such as kerosene.

Kerosene is a heater fuel and when used in wicked torches and lamps it smokes excessively and releases gasses and pollutants into the air that I personally don’t want to inhale.

Wicks also suffer a much shorter life as the impurities in kerosene clog the wicks and reduces the natural wicking necessary to operate the torch. Cotton wicks will burn with a dirty crust at the top and will require constant trimming when using Kerosene.

Another alternative many suggest is mineral oil. Our tests showed VERY poor performance and minimal wicking action making it difficult to “prime” the wick for lighting. Most of the time the flames were weak and went out after the prime fuel was consumed. mineral oil has all sorts of uses and none, in my opinion, suitable for use in a wicked tiki torch or oil lamp.

Firefly Fuel offers three fuels. The first is a Tiki Torch fuel substitute suitable for use outdoors in Tiki Torches and other uncovered, wicked-powered lamps and fire pots. This torch fuel is unlike common tiki fuel – It burns 50% longer, NO odor, and noticeably less soot and smoke.

Firefly Fuel also offers a paraffin lamp oil alternative that is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in covered or uncovered wicked-powered Tiki Torches, oil lamps, lanterns, fire pots and ventless fireplaces with a mat wick. Our Firefly Paraffin fuel is clean burning with very low smoke. Remember a low wick will provide a great flame and the lower it is the less smoke.

NON-TOXIC, Firefly Safe & Green Fuel

Firefly Safe & Green (No longer available due to exorbitant price and availability) Firefly The One Eco-Friendly Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil is our newest fuel and by far provides the cleanest and virtually smoke-free flame of any fuel on the market. Our testing demonstrates cleaner wicks, no soot and can be used in any wicked-powered Tiki Torch, covered or open oil lantern or oil lamp, fire pot and ventless fireplace with a mat wick. This fuel burns extraordinarily clean with vitally no pollutants. I have saved the best for last. Firefly Safe & Green Fuel is a 100% organic fuel that is fully sustainable. There is NO Ethanol or Petroleum used in Safe and Green fuel!

This fully sustainable fuel comes from Palm tree kernels grown on 100-year-old plantations. It is further distilled from the bi-product derived from the Palm trees that were often considered waste. It is now a spectacular fuel that is clean, non-toxic, biodegradable, economical to use and readily available.

We have been searching high and low to find a healthy alternative for the modern consumer to use in torches and other wick powered devices that are safer, good for our planet, non-toxic and sustainable. Firefly Safe and Green is truly the alternative fuel for today.