Fire Fly Fuels, Inc. Introduces Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil for Indoor/Outdoor Use

32 oz., 128 oz, or 55-gallon drum

SUMMARY: Firefly Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil is 100% sustainable, non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. This new, eco-friendly fuel boasts extended burn times and consumer-safe packaging.

Firefly Fuel, Inc., a worldwide distributor of tiki torch fuel and lamp oil introduced today Firefly Safe and Green Fuel. “We’re extremely excited to bring a much needed green fuel to the market, which until now, has only been served by petroleum-based products.Firefly Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil is a great consumer value and demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility in our business. In my view, sustainability is no longer an option it’s an obligation and responsibility,” said Phil Tyson, CEO, Firefly Fuel, Inc.

Firefly Safe & Green Fuel can be used in wick-powered tiki torches, fire pots, oil lamps & lanterns and oil candles. It’s an extremely versatile fuel which can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s truly the One Fuel that does it all and is an eco-friendly product.

Set small-wicked vessels or flat wicks to 1/16″ above the wick holder to achieve a smokeless burn.

Set large-wicked vessels, such as tiki torches, to 1/16″ above the wick holder to conserve fuel and reduce smoke.

Safe & Green Fuel, as with all Firefly Fuel products, is responsibly packaged and childproof to prevent confusion with juice drinks. Popular tiki torch oil using colorants and drink-style containers have been confused as juice and accidentally ingested causing permanent lung damage and even death.

About Fire Fly Fuels, Inc.: Phil Tyson, a life-long entrepreneur, always looking for a “better” way, saw the tiki torch and lamp oil market as a niche where he could make a contribution and a difference. Firefly Fuel offers worldwide distribution of eco-friendly products, private labeling options, small and large quantities, consistent product availability, and same-day drop shipping for most orders.

Philip Tyson, CEO
8150 Blaikie
Sarasota, FL 34240