About Firefly Fuel, Inc.

phil_thumbFirefly Tiki Torch Fuel, Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil and Clean Lamp Oil were born to provide a reliable, economical, safe and effective fuel source for tiki torches, liquid-fueled candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and wicks.

The marketplace is full of all sorts of “fuel” that has caused confusion for the consumer and wholesalers trying to purchase and provide product to their retail customers.

Tiki Torch Fuel is intended to be used outside in all manner of wick-powered tiki torches and lanterns. It is oil based, provides a great flame and will smoke significantly less than big-box tiki fuel providing you keep the wick just slightly above the holder. The optional additives we offer are Citronella and Eucalyptus essential oils. These natural products are proven to increase insect protection when mixed with the base tiki torch fuel.

Paraffin Lamp Oil is used inside or outside in liquid candles, lanterns, lamps and tiki torches. The paraffin-based fuels are in use by virtually every sit-down restaurant in the US, Canada and Europe. The real Paraffin Lamp Oil burns virtually smoke free providing a pleasant light and no smell. We offer the option of using a Citronella or Eucalyptus essential oil additive that provides a pleasant fragrance and some level of flying insect protection. Who wants a fly in their soup?

CLEAN Lamp Oil is our paraffin oil alternative.  It is odorless, smokeless and lasts 50% longer than our paraffin oil when we did a burn test in house.  The Amazon reviews for this product tell the story. And, there's more.  It's less expensive than our paraffin lamp oil!

I feel I need to add here that all tiki torch fuels and paraffin fuels we tested are toxic and if ingested, may cause permanent lung and cardiac issues even resulting in death. That is why we make certain all of our Firefly Fuel 16-oz, 32-oz, and gallon containers are packaged safely, not colored like a juice and have childproof caps.

We tested all the fuels we could get our hands on and found poor quality, inconsistent usage suggestions, high prices and a hodge-podge of wannabe-fuel vendors that had no clue what they were selling. Many made claims of purity levels that are unattainable in the real world of oils. Several added inactive ingredients that only served to further corrupt the purity. Colorants are one example of an inactive ingredient that corrupts and dilutes the purity of their “PURE” fuel. What a joke!

I decided to research the fuel industry to determine the truth and find the best products for each specific application. The list grew very short after all of the research. You would be surprised what is being sold as fuel for tiki torches, candles, oil lamps and lanterns.

We found a lot of distillers that made claims of purity and consistency. We tested ALL of them and discovered only a few actually performed as advertised. We then checked each supplier to ensure adequate supply and consistency of quality.

I can assure you that Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel, Paraffin Lamp Oil, and CLEAN Lamp Oil you purchase from us are as advertised and will be consistent, available and reasonably priced at quantities from 16 oz. to 330-gallon totes or whatever your needs are. We do offer optional active ingredient additives such as Citronella and Eucalyptus essential oils. We do not add colorants or fragrances that would simply corrupt the purity of Firefly Fuels.

If you are a reseller looking for a reliable fuel source that will drop ship and/or private label a quality product for you, Contact Us Now and let's start a profitable partnership.

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