CLEAN Non-Paraffin Lamp Oil Testimonial

Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to write such a FABULOUS testimonial about our CLEAN Non-Paraffin Lamp Oil. It really means a lot to us.

We are very excited about our new products and your testimonial will help to spread the word.

We all are consumers in the end. It is our desire/intention to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. Thanks for letting us know we earned your business.


Susan Tyson

Following is Eric’s testimonial…

Thank you so much for correcting my order last time. I love the new oil and just ordered 4 more gallons of CLEAN Lamp Oil.

You have been very helpful even though the mistake on the order was my own and that by itself meant a lot to me.

The oil is fantastic and burns forever. I have burned a lot of oils this winter so I’m very aware of the different odors and smoke most oils come with. Your videos explain a lot of what I’ve been dealing with. I’ve used almost an entire gallon of your CLEAN fuel in 2 weeks so I can personally attest that all your videos on this site are true. Very clean and very long lasting.

The combination of a fantastic product and super great service has made me stop searching for a better deal on lamp oil.

Thank you very much.

Eric Everett
Time-Lapse Video using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil & Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. And the winner is…