4 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Lighting for a Night BBQ Party

4 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Lighting for a Night BBQ Party

Don’t let summer pass you by without throwing the ultimate cookout for your friends and family. If you already have a grill, there’s really no excuse not to invite your loved ones over for an afternoon of burgers and hot dogs. Take your celebration past dark with must-have eco-friendly outdoor lighting for a night BBQ party. Check out these outdoor party lighting ideas to keep the event going after the sun sets.

Solar Lights

Place LED solar lights in your backyard during the day, and they will begin to glow as the sun goes down. String lights and those you place in the yard look incredible and offer a decent amount of light when you’re sitting around and chatting.

Tiki Torches

Nothing says summer like tiki torches. Have fun with a theme and keep bugs away when you light them. Not all oil is eco-friendly, though. Use an eco-friendly tiki torch fuel to keep your BBQ environmentally safe with eco-friendly outdoor lighting. Further, tiki torches are safest when you place them around the perimeter of your yard where no one will bump into one.


Another great way to light up your party is with candles. If you need to keep bugs away, you might consider using citronella candles at your cookout. Though candles provide only a small amount of light, it’s typically enough for eating.

A Bonfire

Once the sun goes down, bring out a stainless-steel bonfire set for roasting marshmallows. Bonfires provide heat and light in the dark. Enjoy the ambiance without the mess when you use eco-friendly materials.

Use must-have eco-friendly outdoor lighting for a night BBQ party to make your event unforgettable. Your guests may enjoy your cookout so much that you’ll have to nudge them out the door. If you’re willing to be passive-aggressive about it—just turn off the lights! Find outdoor party lighting ideas and how the right lighting makes all the difference when you use it at your next outdoor event.