Turn Your Gel Fuel Firepot Into a Tiki Torch!

Everything you need to turn your gel fuel firepot into a tiki torch!

If you own an ethanol gel firepot, I’m sure you’re well aware its pourable gel fire pot fuel has been recalled and is no longer available for sale. So, what now, fire lovers? You can always turn your obsolete fire pot into a vase, but that’s not why you bought it, right? Here’s a cheap, easy and quick way to turn your gel fuel firepot into a tiki torch or oil candle, that works for any fire pots with a 3″ diameter steel fuel cup, or you can purchase our economical Firefly Firepot Insert:

Firepot Insert

  1. Carefully clean your firepot and fuel cup to remove all traces of the ethanol gel fuel. Let dry.
  2. Purchase a single hole tub faceplate

    Fig 1: 1/2″ tiki torch wick threaded through the tub face plate

    from your local hardware store. I’d recommend going with a plain chrome face plate – any finish on the metal may burn off when you light the wick. Toss the included screw – you won’t be needing that.

  3. Thread a 1/2″ round fiberglass wick through the middle hole of the face plate, and cut to size so it just reaches the bottom of the fuel cup (Fig 1)
  4. Place the stainless fuel cup in your fire pot and fill with either tiki torch fuel (for outdoor use only), pure paraffin lamp oil (for indoor use) or Firefly Safe & Green fuel for indoor or outdoor use.
  5. Set the faceplate and wick on top of the fuel cup and allow a few minutes for the fuel to soak into the wick.
  6. Light the wick and enjoy!
  7. To extinguish the flame, use a snuffer designed specifically for tiki torches.

Common Sense Warnings: DO NOT attempt to refill the fuel cup until the flame has been extinguished and the metal faceplate is cool to the touch. Always keep in mind the faceplate is not attached to the firepot, so place it in an area where it won’t be in danger of getting knocked over.

What gel fuel firepot? It’s a tiki torch!

And voila! Your firepot will live to see another backyard barbecue!