fiberglass vs. cotton wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks

Fiberglass Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks for Oil Lamps, Candles & Tiki Torches Unlike the replacement cotton wicks sold by many companies, fiberglass wicks will last indefinitely with normal use, saving you money and time. Fiberglass wicks for lamps and candles offer better fuel flow to the flame than a conventional braided cotton product when using…

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Threading a wick into a wick holder

How to Thread a Wick into a Wick Holder

We have lots of glass oil candles around here and use them all the time as do our restaurant customers. Occasionally, these little cotton candle wicks need to be replaced or you pull them out by mistake. This post is to show you an easy way to thread the cotton wick used in the oil…

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Tiki Torch Wick Heights Matter When It Comes to Performance, Smoke and Soot

Tiki Torch Wicks – Wick Height Matters!

Tiki torch wicks should be positioned as low as possible above the wick holder.  This video was shot to illustrate the effect tiki torch wick height has on the burning quality of tiki torch fuel. The higher the wick… 1) the larger the flame. 2) the greater the amount of soot and smoke. 3) the…

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