Refillable Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

Can you tell the difference between these two table lights?

Well, there’s a BIG difference. One Candleholder contains a DISPOSABLE, throw-away fuel cell and the other an eco-friendly refillable fuel cell, aka, oil candle.

Disposable fuel cells are purchased in large quantities by restaurants, usually by the case, because they throw them away. Guess what? Some of our favorite waiters sheepishly have told us they throw them away when they get low and still contain lamp oil so they won’t have to replace them mid-evening.

So what’s the solution? The refillable oil candles are simple to use; We offer 3 popular-sized votive oil candles that will fit most candle holders. The oil candles are simple to refill; lamp oil is never wasted; they are more economical than disposables, and there is no impact on landfills.

Give our SAVINGS CALCULATOR a whirl!

Savings Calculator

Next time you’re in a restaurant, take a look inside the candle holder and let management know there’s an alternative to disposable fuel cells. Eco-friendly refillable oil candles support hospitality sustainability.

Don’t Dispose! Refill and Reuse! It only makes sense. Dollars and Cents too!