5 Creative Uses of Tea Light Candles for Any Space

Tea light candles are some of the most versatile items for all spaces. They are perfect for setting an ambiance, taking photos, dressing a space, and getting creative. Check out these five creative uses for tea light candles to amplify any space.

Heating Scented Oil

One thing you can do with tea light candles is to use them to heat some scented oil to provide your space with a pleasant smell. Tea light candles provide a small flame that can heat scented oils in a proper dish. This long-lasting influx of scent adds ambiance to any space.

Ambient Lighting

Tea lights are perfect for adding ambient lighting to any space. There are so many ways to incorporate ambient lighting with tea light candles. Here are a few examples:

  • Place a tea light candle in a clear vase as a table centerpiece
  • Make a wine glass lamp
  • Group them on stairs or a tray on a banister
  • Set a few in windowsills for added sparkle

Home Décor

There are so many places in your home to place tea light candles to create beautiful décor. Here are some ways you can incorporate tea light candles into your home’s theme:

Bohemian Aesthetic

  • Tea lights inside mason jars in macrame hangers
  • Tea lights in crystal holders

Glam Aesthetic

  • Placing many tea lights on a mirrored tray
  • A tea light in a sparkly glass holder

Rustic Aesthetic

  • Placing tea light candles on small blocks of wood
  • Tea light in a rustic mason jar with tied twine around it

Creating Illuminated Messages

Something you can do with tea lights is create illuminated messages. Lining up tea light candles in the shape of letters and words creates a breathtaking message to make any occasion special. This is great to use for proposals, birthdays, and many other special days.

Lighting Pathways

One of the best ways to light a pathway at night to help people see where they’re going is by strategically setting out tea light candles. Placing them in small mason jars or other candle holders can help prevent them from falling over or someone stepping on them.

Long-burning tea light candles are a wonderful investment and are versatile. These are only five uses of tea light candles for any space—there are many others as well. Now that you know how to use tea light candles creatively, contact Firefly Fuel for more information or peruse our website for our tea lights.