About Firefly Fuels

All Firefly Proprietary Fuels are: SAFE, NONTOXIC, READILY BIODEGRADABLE and VIRTUALLY ODORLESS: Our Types of Fuels Do Not Contain Any Hazardous Chemicals Listed Under The US Clean-water Act Nor California Prop. 65. Our fuels are propriety and do not use petroleum.

All Firefly Fuels, when properly stored, will last for years, if not indefinitely. The fuel should be stored out of direct sunlight in ambient temperatures below 100 Degrees Fahrenheit. All Firefly Fuels will biodegrade within 28 days when exposed to nature.

Our fuels do not freeze at 0° Fahrenheit. This is a pretty big plus.


Small-Wick (1/4") Vessels or Flat Wicks Used in Lanterns

If you have an oil lamp, lantern or oil candle which uses a small wick (1/4" round or 1" or less Flat), our CLEAN Lamp Oil, Paraffin Lamp Oil, or Safe & Green will meet your needs nicely. All can be used indoors.

Safe & Green is technically our purist fuel.

CLEAN Lamp Oil is our longest burning fuel.

Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is our least viscous fuel and has a lower Flash Point than CLEAN. It's great for Cold-Blast Lanterns.

All of these fuels used in small-wicked vessels are smokeless.


Large-Wick (3/8" - 1/2") Vessels Like a Tiki Torch

The larger the wick the more potential for smoke.  If you are using the fuel in Tiki Torches, our Tiki Torch Fuel is THE BEST for that purpose. It smokes LESS than the big-box tiki fuel and lasts significantly longer. Tiki Torches are for outdoor use only.