Firefly Zen Petite Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Candle – Zen Petite by Firefly – It’s Refillable!

By Susan Tyson | August 13, 2014

Patented Aromatherapy Candle by Firefly The refillable aromatherapy candle is a single piece. The diameter is 2-1/8″ wide at the top, 1-7/8″ wide on the bottom and 2-3/4″ tall. It’s about the size of a typical glass votive.

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4", 5" & 6" Pillar Candles

Firefly Pillar Oil Candle Gift Set Giveaway

By Susan Tyson | July 21, 2014

Our last “giveaway” of a Transcend Oil Candle was very well received. We plan to do a “giveaway” every couple of months or so.

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Firefly Blue Pillar Candles

Winner of the Transcend Oil Candle Giveaway

By Susan Tyson | July 2, 2014

Greetings to everyone that entered our Transcend Oil Candle Giveaway. I want to thank you for your time and interest. This is our first giveaway and, so far, it’s been a very good experience. Surprisingly, over 76% of you took the time to write a comment. I really wasn’t expecting that. In general, you thought…

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Time-Lapse Video - Tiki Torch Fuel Burnoff

Tiki Torch Fuels – Time-Lapse Burnoff!

By Susan Tyson | June 28, 2014

The goal of this burn test is to demonstrate the soot and smoke produced by various tiki torch fuels using a 1/2″ fiberglass wick and how long they really burn.

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Firefly Zen Petite Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Candles by Firefly – Zen Petite – Refillable

By Susan Tyson | June 18, 2014

We’d like to introduce you to our patented Firefly Zen Petite Aromatherapy Candles. It’s a one-piece, glass oil candle. These aromatherapy candles are a must have and come in at an astonishingly affordable price.

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Firefly Transcend Oil Lamp for Crafts

The Great Firefly Oil Candle Giveaway 2014!

By Susan Tyson | May 23, 2014

Well, here we are, Spring 2014. Seems like a great time to create a giveaway and get the world talking about our stunning glass oil candles. To enter, click the “Giveaway” image below.

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How to Color Lamp Oil?

How To Color Lamp Oil

By Susan Tyson | May 14, 2014

Firefly Glass Oil Candles make a design statement as well as set the mood for any dining event. I’ll show you how to easily color lamp oil using simple techniques. While I am a minimalist and think much less is more, surprisingly, I actually prefer colored lamp oil to clear. The other interesting point is…

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Threading a wick into a wick holder

How to Thread a Wick into a Wick Holder

By Susan Tyson | May 7, 2014

We have lots of oil candles around here and use them all the time as do our restaurant customers. Occasionally, these little cotton wicks need to be replaced or you pull them out by mistake. This post is to show you an easy way to thread the cotton wick used in the oil candle through…

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Restaurant Savings Calculator

Restaurant Costs – Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

By Susan Tyson | April 17, 2014

We would all like to go green with our businesses but sometimes the additional cost cannot be supported. We have really, really good news for you. With our approach, you can GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY. As they say, it’s a win win for everyone! Replace your disposable fuel cells with refillable oil lamps and…

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WT Kirkman 15" Champion & 12" Little Champ

CLEAN Lamp Oil Reviews – Firefly Fuels

By Susan Tyson | April 17, 2014

Following are two CLEAN Lamp Oil Reviews. Thanks so much, Ron, for writing and allowing us to publish your review and name. It’s very appreciated. Spread the word!

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Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil vs. Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil

CLEAN Non-Paraffin Lamp Oil Testimonial

By Susan Tyson | March 12, 2014

Hi Eric, Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to write such a FABULOUS testimonial about our CLEAN Non-Paraffin Lamp Oil. It really means a lot to us. We are very excited about our new products and your testimonial will help to spread the word. We all are consumers in the end.…

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Intependent Lab Test of FireFly Tiki Torch Fuel vs. Big-Box Tiki Torch Fuel

Tiki Torch Fuels Tested by Independent Lab

By Susan Tyson | February 28, 2014

This test was commissioned to compare Citronella Torch fuel and Medallion® Lamp Fuel both marketed by Lamplight® Farms against Firefly Tiki Torch fuel. The lab was provided with the simple guidance of providing soot and what fumes were released during normal use.

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Tiki Torch Wick Heights Matter When It Comes to Performance, Smoke and Soot

Tiki Torch Wicks – Wick Height Matters!

By Susan Tyson | February 28, 2014

Tiki torch wicks should be positioned as low as possible above the wick holder.  This video was shot to illustrate the effect wick height has on the burning quality of tiki torch fuel. The higher the wick… 1) the larger the flame. 2) the greater the amount of soot and smoke. 3) the greater the…

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Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders

Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders & Firefly Oil Candles®

By Susan Tyson | February 19, 2014

I love Crate & Barrel® Candle Holders. Here is my latest purchase. Like many, I covet all sorts of candles – Scented, unscented, Soy & Beeswax Candles & Firefly Oil Candles. If you’re not familiar with Firefly oil candles, there are 3 reasons why I love them so much.

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Time-Lapse Video - Tiki Torch Fuel Burnoff

Low-Smoke & Odorless Tiki Torch Fuel

By Susan Tyson | February 4, 2014

Summary: Firefly Fuel, Inc. released a new tiki torch fuel, producing noticeably less soot and smoke for tiki torches. Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel has virtually no odor, burns up to 50% longer than competitive fuels and burns cleaner leaving noticeably less soot on tiki torches.

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Frontgate Pineapple Hurricane Lantern

Frontgate® Pineapple Hurricane Lantern Review

By Susan Tyson | September 24, 2013

I just purchased the Frontgate® Pineapple Hurricane Lantern. I selected the large size because, at that time, the medium pineapple lantern was not available. At first, I thought it was too large for my 80″ rectangular table but now I think it’s perfect. I also asked other people (who would tell me the truth), like…

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Refillable Oil Candles vs. Disposable Fuel Cells

By Susan Tyson | September 11, 2013

Can you tell the difference between these two table lights? Well, there’s a BIG difference. One Candleholder contains a DISPOSABLE, throw-away fuel cell and the other an eco-friendly refillable fuel cell, aka, oil candle. Disposable fuel cells are purchased in large quantities by restaurants, usually by the case, because they throw them away. Guess what?…

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Upcycling Wood Pallets

Wood Pallets – DIY Upcycle – Recycle

By Susan Tyson | September 10, 2013

Over the years, we have amassed a stock pile of wood pallets. What do you do with old wood pallets? No one wants them. We are a company that is passionate about contributing to the new world where we reuse, recycle and upcycle. This clearly was an opportunity to upcycle.

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WT Kirkman 15" Champion & 12" Little Champ

Which Lamp Oil for Tubular Oil Lamps?

By Susan Tyson | September 9, 2013

Which lamp oil should I use in my tubular oil lamps? Here’s a very straight-forward answer. Tubular lanterns were designed to burn fuels with a flash point of 124° F to 150° F. Simply, the flash point is the lowest temperature where the vapor of a combustible liquid ignites. The lower the flash point, the…

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Remove Wine Bottle Labels

Remove Wine Bottle Labels Quickly and Easily

By Susan Tyson | September 2, 2013

This post is how to remove wine bottle labels and the sticky glue residue as easily and quickly as possible. It’s not about saving the label but sometimes they peel off beautifully. Wine bottles everywhere!  What to do?  Ah, I am going to, hopefully, creatively reuse wine bottles. I have removed over 30 wine bottle labels lately…

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Copper Maui Tiki Torch

4 Tiki Torch Fuels – 2 New Tiki Torch Fuel Alternatives

By Susan Tyson | August 23, 2013

This post identifies the newest tiki torch fuel alternatives on the market today. No need to put up with excessive soot & smoke anymore. First of all, let me address kerosene. Kerosene is NOT recommended for use in tiki torches and here’s why. • Noxious fumes produced are very harmful to eyes, lungs, and skin…

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Best Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

The Best Caribbean Rum Punch Completes the Tiki Lifestyle

By Susan Tyson | August 12, 2013

Tiki torch oil is not the only thing that fuels the fire for a party; HELLO RUM PUNCH! Loved the journey in creating this recipe.  Seriously, this may be the best caribbean rum punch you’ve ever tasted.  Be careful as it is very strong.  Lots and lots of ice makes it last a long time.

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Fire Poi fuels

Fire Poi Fuels – Safe & Green Fuel is a Winner!

By Susan Tyson | July 11, 2013

Take a look at Firefly Safe & Green Fuel in action during a fire poi demonstration and read what the artist had to say about fire poi fuels below the video.

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Firefly Stainless Steel Firepot Insert Tiki Torch Canister

Firepot Gel Fuel Alternatives

By Susan Tyson | July 10, 2013

We just received our stock of firepot inserts.  We think these are very cool as they allow you to replace that super, super expensive Firepot gel fuel with any fuel that works with a fiberglass wick. Let’s take a look at the cost of firepot gel fuel vs. our eco-friendly, clean-burning fuel. The least expensive…

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