5 Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Ambience

5 Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Ambience

Restaurant décor is all about how your customers feel. They’ll arrive hungry, so you want to immediately make them feel good when they walk inside. From music to lighting, there are many ways to improve your restaurant’s ambience. Find out how to attract and retain customers by creating a nice ambience in your restaurant.

Space Out Tables

Customers desire safety when they visit your restaurant. Spacing out tables gives people privacy from nearby diners, and it may help prevent the spread of illness. Use a combination of booths and tables to utilize your space to the fullest and provide comfort to everyone.

Pro Tip: Sit at every table in your restaurant. Understand how each customer will experience your place and adjust accordingly.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Choose colors that suit the ambience your customers expect. The most appetizing colors are warm tones like red, yellow, and orange, but it’s not impossible to work with cooler ones like green. Also, neutrals are calming when you use them in a restaurant.

Keep It Clean

Everyone on staff should chip in to keep your restaurant looking its best. Your restaurant should stay clean throughout the day. Customers often complain when restaurants are dirty, and it influences them to eat elsewhere. Even one bad experience can deter someone from visiting your eatery.

Set the Tone

Provide a tone for your restaurant that satisfies your customers. Consider the type of food you sell and its price. If people are paying more, they may expect more luxurious accommodations. Set the tone with lighting and music.


The type of lighting you use in your restaurant will immediately set the tone, and you can change it throughout the day. People often expect bright spaces for breakfast and dimmer light in the evening. You can control your atmosphere by keeping lights low and curtains pulled all day. If you want to really upgrade the lighting in restaurants, consider using oil lamp candles that use smokeless citronella oil to add a touch of romance.


Another great way to set the mood is with music. You might play pop music, rock-and-roll, or classical tunes depending on your restaurant. If you operate an ethnic eatery, consider playing the sounds one might hear if they were in the country the food comes from.

Provide Uniformity

From staff uniforms to matching chairs and tables, you want your restaurant to have a unified theme. No portion of your restaurant should stick out or seem out of place. Staff uniforms provide familiarity and help customers know who works at the restaurant.

Many ways to improve your restaurant’s ambience exist. Play with the lighting, spacing, and music you provide in your restaurant to find the perfect combination. You should keep your space clean and uniform to ensure you always look professional. Find unique ways to light up your space with candles from Firefly Fuel.