4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Non-Toxic Candles

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Non-Toxic Candles

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive. Still, it can be a burden when you have an allergic reaction to every little thing. If you’re trying to purify your space, check out the following four reasons why you should buy non-toxic candles. Use biodegradable materials and fewer chemicals. Read on to learn how you can cleanse your home while making it smell warm and cozy.

Enjoy a Longer Burn Time

No one wants their favorite candle to burn up quickly. Non-toxic candles burn longer because their waxes have a lower melting point. They also tend to use wood wicks that burn slower. You get more bang for your buck with eco-friendly candle options.

Use Biodegradable Materials

You can help the earth when you use natural candles. Natural materials like soy and beeswax are biodegradable, meaning they’ll decompose eventually. You can throw away the wax, and it won’t harm the environment.

Remove Chemicals From Your Home

Some people are concerned about paraffin wax because it’s made from coal and petroleum and may contain toxic chemicals. To avoid any harmful effects, use non-toxic candles instead.

Pro Tip: Lead wicks may be harmful; ensure you opt for hemp, cotton, or wood.

Buy From Small Businesses

One of the best reasons to use eco-friendly candles is to support small local businesses. Many small businesses produce their own materials to make non-toxic candles. For instance, you can buy beeswax candles from a bee farm. Check farmers markets and local stores for natural candles.

The reasons why you should buy non-toxic candles are to keep chemicals out of your home and get a better bang for your buck. Also, you can support the small local businesses that make them. Shop Firefly Fuel to find oil-based candles for refillable holders that will last forever. Practice sustainability with reusable candles.