Firepots Tiki Torches

Turn Your Gel Fuel Firepot Into a Tiki Torch!

If you own an ethanol gel firepot, I’m sure you’re well aware its pourable gel fire pot fuel has been recalled and is no longer available for sale. So, what now, fire lovers? You can always turn your obsolete fire pot into a vase, but that’s not why you bought it, right? Here’s a cheap,…

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When do you need a lamp or tiki torch replacement wick?

Here at Firefly, we believe fiberglass wicks are always the way to go, whether you have a tiki torch or oil lamp. Cotton wicks work well in oil candles though. They don’t burn up like cotton wicks, so they last far longer (indefinitely, if you treat them properly), and give you a more consistent flame.…

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Time-Lapse Video - Tiki Torch Fuel Burnoff

Low-Smoke & Odorless Tiki Torch Fuel

Summary: Firefly Fuel, Inc. released a new tiki torch fuel, producing noticeably less soot and smoke for tiki torches. Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel has virtually no odor, burns up to 50% longer than competitive fuels and burns cleaner leaving noticeably less soot on tiki torches.

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Best Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

The Best Caribbean Rum Punch Completes the Tiki Lifestyle

Tiki torch oil is not the only thing that fuels the fire for a party; HELLO RUM PUNCH! Loved the journey of creating this easy Caribbean Rum Punch recipe. Seriously, this may be the best Caribbean Rum Punch you’ve ever tasted.  Be careful as it is very strong.  Lots and lots of ice makes it…

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