Firepots Tiki Torches

Turn Your Gel Fuel Firepot Into a Tiki Torch!

If you own an ethanol gel firepot, I’m sure you’re well aware its pourable gel fire pot fuel has been recalled and is no longer available for sale. So, what now, fire lovers? You can always turn your obsolete fire pot into a vase, but that’s not why you bought it, right? Here’s a cheap,…

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Firefly Stainless Steel Firepot Insert Tiki Torch Canister

Firepot Gel Fuel Alternatives

We just received our stock of firepot inserts.  We think these are very cool as they allow you to replace that super, super expensive Firepot gel fuel with any fuel that works with a fiberglass wick. Let’s take a look at the cost of firepot gel fuel vs. clean-burning, eco-friendly gel fuel alternative. The least…

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