How to Thread a Wick into a Wick Holder

We have lots of glass oil candles around here and use them all the time as do our restaurant customers. Occasionally, these little cotton candle wicks need to be replaced or you pull them out by mistake.

This post is to show you an easy way to thread the cotton wick used in the oil candle through the tiny metal wick collar without pulling your hair out! It’s easy.

If you prefer a video, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

You will need a small piece of scotch tape about 1.5-2 inches in length. Place the wick on the scotch tape as shown. (The wick collar is there to hold down the tape while I took the photo.)

threading a cotton wick into a wick holder

Now, roll the wick to the right wrapping it in tape.


Beautiful. Now, twist the top of the tape where there is no wick making it as skinny as possible.


Insert the twisted tape end into the metal wick collar.


Pull Through.


Now, remove the scotch tape!


Here’s the Video.