Income Opportunities: 5 Trending Crafts To Make and Sell

Income Opportunities: 5 Trending Crafts To Make and Sell

We could all use some extra cash. If you love to craft, why not turn your passion into money? You may have extra side income opportunities all around you once you consider monetizing. Start with these five trending crafts to make and sell.

Macrame Hanging Planters

Macrame is the simple art of tying knots to create textiles. It’s popular for creating hanging planters that people can use indoors or outdoors. Tie knots in special patterns to hold pots and planters. Use a thick rope with a bold color that is striking against your chosen pot to make the appearance trendier. The more unique patterns and designs you include in your macrame, the more likely people will buy it—and the more you can charge!

Whipped Body Butter

Many beauty products are just as expensive to make as they are to buy. Create an incredible product that’s on-trend, and people will gravitate towards it.

Customers love thick and colorful whipped body butters. Make yours from an array of moisturizing oils and butters, including shea butter. You’ll use a mixer to make the ingredients fluffy.

Upcycled Oil Lamps

Refillable liquid candles are cleaner than wax candles. Make your own from vintage bottles, wine bottles, or crystal. You can also refurbish old lanterns, so they use oil.

Baked Goods

It’s difficult for people to resist sweets. Trendy baked goods are eye-catching and Insta-worthy. Especially if you make professional-grade cookies, cakes, pies, or other baked goods, you’ll see orders fly in once you set up shop.

Leather Jewelry

People desire jewelry that lasts. Leather is easy to transform into any type of fashion. You can create elegant, modern pieces and historic cosplay items to please all your customers. Try carving leather to create unique styles. Further, add beads and pendants to draw people’s attention to your work.

What other income opportunities are sitting in your craft room? To make money with your art, determine what you love to do and then figure out where your passion lines up with customer demands. Find trending crafts that you can make and sell and pick the one you can afford to kick-start.