How To Style and Decorate Plain Pillar Candles

How To Style and Decorate Plain Pillar Candles

Don’t forget about pillar candles. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and look great in many types of home décor. Once you know how to decorate pillar candles in your home, you’ll want them for each room. You can decorate with candles or decorate the candles themselves. Discover all the wonderful ways to use them with our pillar candle decorating ideas, tips, and tricks.

Paint Candles

Use paint to transform plain pillar candles into works of art. Whether you use a brush or dip the candles in paint, you can take them from normal to phenomenal. Create beautiful designs and choose colors that match the season or an upcoming holiday.

Apply Stencils

Using small cookie cutters or another shape, you can trace designs onto pillar candles with a marker, paintbrush, or knife. It’s easier to get the design you want when you use stencils, which help you create perfect patterns. Use cutouts of letters, holiday characters, and more to create your designs.

Stamp It Out

Make rustic and vintage decorations with stamps. Stamps come in any design you can imagine. Find them in small shapes and large ones the size of your candles. You can stamp letters, foliage, patterns, and more onto plain pillar candles.

Go for Glitter

Make candles stand out when you add glitter. The best way to apply glitter to a pillar candle is to dip it. Paint the candle with Mod Podge and then dip it in glitter or sprinkle the flecks over the candle. Try different types of glitter, such as pens, paints, and glues to make your art shine.

Try Epsom Salts

A trendy and clever way to create frosted pillar candles is with Epson salts. Cover the surface of the wax with paint or Mod Podge and then dip or roll the candle in the salt. The salt dries in clusters and looks like snow and frost.

Push Pins

An easy way to decorate a candle as you please is to use push pins. They come in many different styles, including colors, sizes, and shapes. You can stick them straight into the wax to create a design that’s all your own.

Peppermint or Cinnamon Sticks

During the holidays, wrap a candle with peppermint or cinnamon sticks to fill your space with the scent. Once you light the candle, the warm scent will permeate the sticks and allow them to fill your room with nostalgic smells from holidays past. In addition to the incredible scent, the wrapped candles also look beautiful. They make amazing gifts and décor for Christmas.

Lovely Lace

No matter the color of your candles, you can wrap them in lace to take their design up a notch. This vintage detail is elegant and goes perfect with pillar candles. Again, you can use Mod Podge or another type of glue to apply your lace. If you’re using a color other than white, ensure your glue will dry clear.

Photo Paper

Include images of your loved ones on pillar candles to display in your home. You can print pictures on transfer paper that will blend into the wax.

Decorative Paper

Use wrapping paper or another type of decorative paper to make your candles look like holiday treats. You can wrap the base, the middle, or the entire candle with any type of paper to make it look festive and unique.

Wrap Ribbons

Add ribbons to your candle for a fun accessory. Ribbons look great even if you’ve already added glitter, wrapping paper, or another element. You can tie ribbons in a bow, curl them, or wrap them.

Dried Fruit

A unique way to spice up your pillar candles is with dried fruit. Whether you get them from the store or make them yourself, dried orange, apple, and pear slices bring an organic spin to your design. These natural elements fit in with fall décor and are cheap and easy to make.

Dried Flowers

You can make dried flowers from the trimmings in your garden. Hang them upside down or press them in a book so they’ll lay flat against your candle. You can use glue or push pins to secure dried flowers and herbs to wax.

Get Creative with Twine

Strings and twine give pillar candles a rustic aesthetic that may fit in with your décor. You can color the strings before gluing them to your candle. Consider wrapping the strings in patterns. Further, you can also use twine at the base of a candle like a bird’s nest.

Use Refillable Pillar Candles

If you’ve decided to go the sustainable route and are using refillable pillar candles, your decorating options are limited but not lacking. You can use colored and scented paraffin oil. Furthermore, you can choose different shapes and styles of glass pillar candles. Like any candle, make sure to light it away from anything that might catch fire. Still, you can decorate with ribbons, twine, and paper.

Create a Centerpiece

Use pillar candles to create a centerpiece for your dining room table. Since these candles come in various sizes, you can cluster them to create a striking display. Further, when you use candles as a centerpiece, they provide a romantic and elegant ambiance when lit.

Place Pillar Candles in Your Windows

Decorate the interior and exterior of your home when you place candles in the windows. Give your house a wholesome glow that passersby will see from the streets. Pillar candles are perfect for windows because they are tall and long-lasting.

Once you figure out how to style and decorate plain pillar candles, you’ll want to include them in every room of your home. It’s easy to craft with candles when you have supplies you enjoy. Get paint, glue, lace, glitter, ribbons, and more to ensure you can complete any design you desire. Stamps and stencils make crafting easy, and you can find them at any store. If pillar candles end up sitting around your home because you don’t know what to do with them, choose a sustainable option and start using refillable candles from Firefly Fuel.

How To Style and Decorate Plain Pillar Candles