FAQs About Oil Lamps & Lamp Oil


Firefly Zen Aromatherapy Candle

Firefly Zen Aromatherapy Candle

What is the shelf life of your Lamp Oil?

Our lamp oil and tiki torch fuel will last indefinitely providing you store it properly. Make sure the cap is on tight and the container is not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat.

What type of glass do you use for your glass oil lamps?

Our hand-blown oil lamps and candles are made using borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is sold under such trademark names as Pyrex and Endural. Our molded lamp (Aura) is thick soda glass, with either a heat-resistant  aluminum wick collar.

What type of fuel do I need to use?

If you are happy knowing you are purchasing a fuel that last significantly longer than any other fuel, burns clean and is easy on wicks, then CLEAN Lamp Oil is your best choice. If you are using the fuel for candles and lanterns the best bang for the buck is the CLEAN Lamp Oil.

If you are searching for the cleanest-burning, petroleum-based fuel, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is the purest you can purchase.  We suggest using it in oil lamps, candles and tiki torches - indoor and outdoor use.

If you are using the fuel in Tiki Torches, our Tiki Torch Fuel is THE BEST for that purpose. The fuel is odorless and produces 350% less soot and smoke than the big-box tiki torch fuel. It is for outdoor use only.

How strong are the oil lamps?

Very Strong indeed. The pictures below illustrate a test that we regularly do at our offices, where we knock a lamp off a table. Here you can see that, not only does the candle go out, it hits the ground and does not break.

They will withstand falls of three feet or more, onto wooden and carpeted floors. Our fuel cells and more rugged candles will survive a similar fall on to slate or even concrete.

glass-test-1 glass-test-2 glass-test-3
Oil Candle On the Edge!                       Mid Air                 It survived!


What happens if I knock an oil lamp over?

Our lamps are very stable and not easily knocked over. As you have seen from the above pictures, they will withstand quite a fall and are, therefore, very unlikely to break when knocked over.

Below we have knocked over a candle to demonstrate that the flame goes out on a fire-resistant surface and very little fuel escapes from the candl

oil lamp Oil Lamp

Watch What Happens When We Tip Over A Burning Oil Lamp


How long do the wicks last?

For many lamps, the wicks should not need replacing at all. Some of the thinner wicks may need trimming every few months.


Can I get replacement wicks?

We supply both replacement wicks and wick holders on our site. All Firefly oil lamps use 2.6mm cotton wicks with the exception of the Pillar Candles which use a 3.6mm cotton wick.


How much fuel can I add to the oil candles?

We recommend filling your oil lamps & candles about 2/3 full or less. If you overfill the oil candle, it may bubble up and overflow.