Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel and Lamp Oil

Firefly Fuel tiki torch fuel, lamp oil, and paraffin oil is longer lasting which means you spend more time enjoying yourself than refilling patio torches and oil lamps!

Safe & Green Lamp Oil

Our Purest, Highest Grade Fuel
For those who are sensitive or value quality above everything
For use in ALL Vessels


Paraffin Lamp Oil

Our Lowest Freeze-Point Fuel
For those who need low-freeze-point, fast-wicking fuels for cold-blast lanterns
Great for use in Cold-Blast Lanterns, Candles & Oil Torches


CLEAN Lamp Oil

Our Longest Lasting Fuel
For those who value longer burn times
For use in Cold-Blast Lanterns, Oil Lamps, & Candles


Tiki Torch Fuel

Our Lowest Cost Fuel
For those who love to light outdoor spaces with Tiki Torches or Fire Pots
For use in  Patio Tiki Torches