5-Gallon Containers of Firefly Bulk Lamp Oil or Tiki Torch Fuel

Buying Bulk Lamp Oil or Tiki Torch Fuel is Economically a Very Good Idea. Here are the instructions for using Firefly 5-GALLON Containers.

You have received our DOT-approved, 5-gallon container filled with one of our Firefly Fuels. Now, how do you use a 5-gallon container most efficiently?

• The first thing you need to do is install the spigot. To do this, you will need to remove a small piece of plastic.

• Position the container with the cap up. You will notice a threaded area in the center with a flat section at the bottom.

Open Bulk Lamp Oil         Use Hammer and Screw Driver to Open the Bulk Lamp Oil

• The easiest next step is take a flat-blade screwdriver and hammer and punch out the center flat section. You may need to strike the area several times around the edge. You can simply let the punched-out section drop into the container.

Hole for Spigot in Bulk Lamp Oil Container          Insert Spigot Into hole in Bulk Lamp Oil Container

• Thread the spigot onto the cap and tighten firmly to prevent any leakage.

• Make certain the valve is closed. The closed position is left or right.  The open position is straight on.

• Position the 5-gallon container with the cap at the low position at the edge of a shelf with the spigot facing downward.

• Check for any leakage; correct if necessary.

Now, simply fill directly from the 5-gallon container into your vessel. Alternatively, you can fill another container like a Pyrex measuring cup with a spout that can be used to refill any suitable tiki torch, oil candle, lamp or Lantern.

Purchasing bulk lamp oil and tiki torch fuel is easy and makes refilling a snap. Please let us know if you have any questions… 888-472-6740.