Firefly Oil Candles at Charlie Palmer Restaurant
Firefly Oil Candles at Charlie Palmer Restaurant
Firefly Oil Candles at El Born Restaurant
Firefly Oil Candles at El Born Restaurant

Are you interested in hospitality sustainability?

Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts and Large End Users are always looking for ways to cut costs, improve service and ambiance. Firefly Fuel provides products that do just that.

Here's What We Can Do for You.

Firefly Fuel can save you 15-50% off your candle budget while going GREEN


• Replace your disposable fuel cells or candles with refillable fuel cells

• Reusable, refillable fuel cells save lots of money and save our landfills from all of the waste of disposable fuel cells

• You can promote your business as being conscientious and proactive about protecting the environment



• Discounts on case ordering, auto ship your needs reducing administrative costs and avoid running out

Your Customer's Experience

• Surveys show that customers prefer to support "green" establishments.

About Our Products

Firefly Fuel offers a variety of fuels to meet your needs.  Learn more about our lamp oil and tiki torch fuel.

Oil-filled candles are rapidly replacing the throw-away fuel cells many restaurants use in tabletop candle holders. Firefly Fuel makes you a responsible establishment in the eyes of your valuable customers. Firefly fuels offers over 20 stylish refillable candles perfect for the most sophisticated luxurious resort to a local pub.

If you are pleased with your current candle shields, simply choose from three different size refillable fuel cells that are permanent replacements for the wasteful throw-away fuel cells.

It is now time that all responsible users of throw-away fuel cells switch to oil-filled fuel cells or refillable oil candles.

Why you ask?

• Safety
• Environmental responsibility
• Smoke free
• Non-Toxic

These are just a few of the reasons you should seriously consider our product offering. You will realize many more once you embrace the sale of truly GREEN products.

REMEMBER! Sustainability is no longer an option it's our responsibility!