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Ethereal – Hurricane-style, flame-protected restaurant candles by Firefly provide airy, ETHEREAL light that can be used in groups for a beautiful table setting. This oil candle lamp is popular with elegant restaurants and hotels. We use these glass oil candles in our home as well. quote: light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.


• Hand-blown Borosilicate 2-ounce Fuel Cell sits in a Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass Shield, which is like Pyrex – Learn More

• The Shield is available in Clear or Frosted Glass

• Diameter at Largest Point: 2-1/4 inches

• Height: 4-1/2 inches

• Fuel Capacity: 2 ounces

• Burn Time: Approximately 6 hours per ounce using Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. Results May Vary.

• Our glass hurricane candle oil lamps are handmade. Each piece is unique; therefore, dimensions may vary.

• Do you operate a restaurant and need to buy several restaurant table candles? Click on our SAVINGS CALCULATOR.

Restaurant Savings Calculator

Lovingly Caring for Your Firefly Oil Candles


Recommended Lamp Oil

We recommend using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil or Firefly Safe & Green because they are designed to burn very cleanly producing virtually no soot, smoke or odor. If you choose another brand, please select a high-quality pure liquid paraffin oil.

NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change the burning characteristics.

You want a combustible fuel, NOT a FLAMMABLE fuel. NEVER USE KEROSENE, ACETONE, ALCOHOL, GASOLINE or PAINT THINNER . Sorry for shouting but it’s important 🙂 and please do not use any kind of vegetable oil as it is not a proper fuel for your oil candle.


Wick Care

The wick is the highway for the fuel. Please be sure the wick is completely saturated before lighting it. If you light the wick before it is completely saturated, you will burn the wick and experience smoke.

Never let the fuel run dry as the wick will be compromised and doing so will significantly limit the lifetime of the wick. Wicks require trimming over time when you notice they are not performing properly. Simply, twist and push the wick through the collar and trim to the bottom of the scorched area. IMPORTANT: Untwist the wick before readjusting to the appropriate height, otherwise, your highway becomes a bumpy back road!

The height of the wick should be about 1/16” or less above the collar for the best performance. Flames grow after the initial lighting. Wait for 5 minutes.


Rethreading Your Wick

Oh No! You pulled the wick out of the collar, now what do you do? Easy!


Filling Your Candle

Hold the small plastic tab at the top of the funnel. Insert into the candle. Keep elevated above the candle neck. DO NOT rest the funnel on the candle neck as this will restrict the flow of fuel causing the fuel to potentially overflow making a real mess!


Burn Time

You can figure about 6-8+ hours per ounce of fuel. Firefly CLEAN will burn significantly longer than Firefly Paraffin or Safe & Green.


Additional Important Info

• DO NOT overfill your oil candle. Fill your oil candle 3/4 or less full.

• Never leave burning candles unattended

• The wick collar gets very hot. Let it cool for 10 minutes before touching.

• Lamp Oil is poisonous. Keep it in a safe place.

• Place your candle on a flat, stable surface away from any traffic.

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