Oil Candles vs. Wax Candles

4", 5" & 6" Pillar Candles

4″, 5″ & 6″ Pillar Candles


The variety of designs, styles and choice of oil colors means you can have something much more interesting than just a wax candle. AND, an oil candle looks as good after hours of burning as it did when you first lit it, unlike wax.

Cost of Oil Candles vs. Pillar Candles Per Hour

Running costs of oil-based candles are generally lower than wax candles. Pillar candles cost about 5 cents per hour, while an oil candle costs about 2 cents. That means if you are using your candles for 6 hours a night there is a savings of 18 cents per candle per night.

That may not sound like much, but if you have 20 tables that’s $3.60 a night, which is $25.20 a week, which is $1,310.40 a year!!

Cost of Tea Lights vs. Oil Tea Lights

Not a big saving here, but when you consider how much better oil candles look than tealights, you can see that changing to a better product will not cost you anything in the long run. Add to that the costs saved on cleaning up wax and the savings become significant.

Mess and Waste

There is no waste with oil candles. This means that when we say oil burns approximately 1/8 ounces per hour, we mean it. When the burn time of a candle is quoted, they don’t take into account the amount of wax you are throwing away regularly, when the candle looks a mess, or the amount of wax that gets poured on to your tables! This takes time to clean up and that’s wax you can’t burn reducing your candle burn time. After comparing these different types of candles, which would you prefer?