Why We LOVE Oil Lamps & Candles

Candles with Flame Protectors and Shields

People love candlelight and it is an essential part of dining out. People choose a restaurant by how it looks, before they've tasted the food, so it should be your number one priority in generating new business.


ESSENTIAL - 83 out of 100 people we actually asked, said they preferred a restaurant with candle light to one without.

CLEAN AIR - Many children and adults are sensitive to the polluants in candles. You choose what you burn. If you choose Safe & Green, your oil candle will burn without polluting the air.

CLEAN - Imagine, no more cleaning wax out of glasses, off tables or off candlesticks!

EFFICIENT - Waste Free. All the oil is used, as opposed to throwing away butt ends of candles or disposable fuel cells.

ECONOMICAL - From as little as two cents per hour to run.

BEAUTIFUL - Designs that do not melt!

CUSTOM COLORS - Select our DIY Color 3-Pack and create your own signature colors.  It's easy and not messy.

SAFE - Fuel will not burn without a wick. Put a match in a bottle of oil and watch it go out!

CONTROLLABLE - Flame can be made smaller or larger.

FLEXIBLE - They can be easly moved to where you need them, when you need them, without spilling wax etc.

PRACTICAL - There is a design to suit everybody, from small candles for tables of two, larger pieces for more impact, and guarded candles designed to protect the flame for indoor and outdoor use.